To My Dear Friend…Greetings and Blessings [The Facts of the Matter]

This letter was written by one of the Directors  of Machne Menachem to a “concerned” resident of the Shchuna. [This director was also part of Spritzers viscous Mesira].

November 24, 1998

To my dear friend R’ Y. S;

Greeting and Blessing,

Approximately two weeks ago, you approached me in “770” and presented your concern and wish to end the long-time dispute in our neighborhood regarding Machne Menachem. You stated that you have already spoken to the “other side” and you feel that the time is right to begin negotiation. I usually do not write nevertheless, because I know you and I feel that you are a truthful person, I decided to write you my personal encounters in this important letter. A humans mind tends to possess a selective memory, consequently, the rumors and fabrications that have been circulating have surely affected you, as well as many others in the community. Through our brief correspondence from time to time, I understand that you have forgotten some major facts and therefore I will reiterate them.

Bear in mind that the following is only a taste of the big pie, however I present them to you, for the reason that, you should be aware of all the true facts and will not say “my hands did not spill this blood”

As you recall you mentioned that the “other side” is ready to make “peace”. I told you to present their proposal in writing and you stated that Mr. …. would like us to sign a written confirmation that we no longer have any claims of ownership in Camp Machne Menachem Inc. Thereupon, I quote; “ko omar Hashem- ha’ratzachta v’gom ya’rashta!!you murdered and you also want to inherit! ! (Melachim 21;19). After a few days, you once again approached [another of the camps directors] proposing the same idea, and by Divine Providence, I passed and confirmed that I have already spoken to you and since that time you haven’t presented anything in writing, therefore you are not serious about the matter.

The following are proven facts:

1.         It is undeniable that the Hershkops have founded Camp Machne Menachem.

2.         It is indisputable that  Levi Hartman, found and handled all the negotiations regarding the purchase of the location in Lackawaxen, Pennsylvania. I am sure you are aware that finding a property for a camp is not an easy task and it sure cost me much energy, health, and money.

3.         According to all Piskei Dinim from the Crown Heights Beis Din, we are currently directors and equal partners in Machne Menachem Inc.

4.         The Beis Din’s ruling states that we are to receive a copy of all money transactions and as of today- none have been presented. Their rulings have been ignored by Mr. Spritzer.

5.         In the ruling of Erev Rosh Chodesh Taamuz (06/17/96) the Rabbonim state:

…..2) There is only one who issues verdicts and therefore all the decisions must pass through the entire Vaad (and they should follow the majority).

Since then and until the final separation there have been no joint meetings. Mr. Spritzer refused all meetings and all decisions were made by Spritzer himself.

Just another example where the Rabbonim’s rulings are ignored.

6.         I have much more to write regarding the above but I don’t want to waste your precious time. I want to present just a few facts that have occurred.

7.         Following the assault of stealing us, robbing us, and shedding our blood- they decided to continue and added to this horrible attack- an invitation to Federal Court!!

8.         According to the Torah and all the Rabbonim, taking another Jew to Federal Court is critical and unjust. Taking seven (7) Jewish families is appalling!! The Chillul Hashem that this causes has no emend, especially when the banner they are carrying shouts Lubavitch, the Rebbe, and His Mosdos.

9.         Statistics show that in a given year, there is less then one (1%) percent “mafia” terror, and organized crime cases tried in the United States. Consequently, the Machne Menachem and Yacov Spritzer vs. Seven Crown Heights families are presented as a Federal Racketeering (Rico) Act Case. The most corrupted organized crime participants are tried under these acts.

10.       At the time of this letter writing, there have not been any written confirmation, by any of the Crown Heights Rabbonim or other Rabbonim, that they give permission for the above captioned court case.

11.       Out of respect for the Lubavitcher Rebbe, the presiding Judge (a Jewish Neshomo) numerously proposed that the two sides make peace. We graciously accepted.

12.       We explained to the judge that not only are we ready to go to Zabla, moreover, we are prepared to go back to the Crown Heights Beis Din to avoid further Chillul Hashem. At that conference Mr. Meir Schrieber stood up and proclaimed that he will not go to any Robbonim and that he wants to continue only in the secular court system.

13.       Your father-in-law, Rabbi Marlow, declared to R’ Yosef Goldman (one of seven defending families) that Spritzer and Schrieber have no permission to this Rico case. A taped recording of conversation is accessible.

14.       Many of our concerned acquaintances approached Rabbi’s Marlow and Mangel, separately, to inquire whether they gave the permission (that the plaintiffs claim they have) and both Rabbi Marlow and Rabbi Mangel confirmed that permission was never granted.

15.       In addition, many community activists tried to make peace, including in the vicinity of the Beis Din, and always Mr. Spritzer had last minute reasons why to refuse.

16.       During an attempt to make peace, the Beis Din suggested and encouraged that in order to strengthen the Torah learning and increase in positive deeds we should open up a new camp. Thus, Camp Ohr Menachem was founded.

17. The above (#16) does not proof or state that we waived our rights or claims to Machne Menachem Inc. or that we renounce compensation for damages and monies from Mr. Spritzer and Schreiber.

18. In middle of Shevat, January 1997, Rabbi Mangel called R’ Meir Hershkop, at home, in response to R’ Meir’s inquiry about one of the Piskai Dinim. The following is a partial free translation of the taped conversation:

a)         I am currently in a recess of five minutes in middle of a Din Torah at the Beis Din.

b)         It is known of the terrible situation of our Bochrim in Ruchinus.

c)         Therefore, I am asking of you, R’ Meir that you open a new camp for these boys.

d)         Only you, R’ Meir, could do such a thing as opening a new camp.

e)         Open up a camp and Hashem will help you and you will save these boys.

f)          In regard to the monies of Machne Menachem we will make a Din Torah.

19. The Din Torah regarding the money handling of Machne Menachem Inc. was never implemented. Nevertheless, Camp Ohr Menachem was on it’s way.

20.       In a further attempt to come to an agreement, Rabbi Heber and Rabbi Horowitz met together with Rabbis Marlow, Mangel and Osdoba together with Mr. Spritzer . Rabbi Heber suggested that Machne Menachem will accommodate the young boys and Ohr Menachem will accommodate Bochrim or visa versa. The three Rabbonim agreed and once again Spritzer disagreed.

21.       Back to the current situation: It is certain that the Federal Court does not add any Kovod to the Rabbonim.

22.       It is clear that this Rico Case can harm many in the community, yet, no one as stood up to stop Spritzer and Schrieber in their malicious act. Moreover, many activists claim that Spritzer and Schrieber are doing these acts under the banner of “Kovod Ha’Rabbonim”!!

23.       In the proceeding days, if Chas V’shalom it will not be withdrawn from the court system, the process of discovery will progress. As a husband and father I will have to do all in my power to defend myself. I do not want you to see this as a threat, Chas V’shalom, however, any one with minimal understanding can and must look forth and foresee the tragic happenings. In his affidavits, Mr. Spritzer, stated many claims which he will have to prove.

a)         The courts will force him to disclose all his money dealings.

b)         Money laundering is no secret in Mr. Spritzer’s dealings…

c)         Imagine the misfortune that will occur to our whole community. That who understands, understands…

24.       Mr. Spritzer and Schreiber’s court case is based on the Rabbonim. What will happen when the Courts will call on the Beis Din to testify whether his claims are true or false?? The Judiciary process will surely call on anyone that is mentioned in the affidavits.

25.       I only presented two (#23 & #24) harmful points that the court case will cause and unless they remove the case this will continue to cause to the Crown Heights Community much harm.

26.    I would like to reiterate that personally I am not afraid to stand witness and give my testimony. We as defendants are acting pro-se. This decision was made when we decided that the monies spent on lawyers can be better spent by helping and doing more good deeds in our community. I’yh when this court case will finally be over and we will receive our proper compensation from Mr. Spritzer and Mr. Schreiber, we will use the money to continue building and expanding our good work.

In summary:

A)        During this entire ordeal, we were the only ones that truly adhered to the Rabbonim’s words

B)        During this continuous ordeal, we were the only ones that were ready to negotiate and make peace.

In conclusion, I remind you that I have written in short and with many implications, much more can be elaborated upon the situation. Everything that is written on these pages can be backed up with solid documentation, witnesses, etc.

It is time – that some one stand up and stop this destruction and cold-blooded murder.

“Yafe sha’ha achat kodem!” This should be done before the train completely loses control and falls into the deep dark ditch. This is the moment before the final devastation. It is time we focus on building and stop this destruction.

“Ve’chol ha’mairim yad be’torat moshe nifra’im mimenu me’shamayim.” (Whoever raises his hand against the Torah of Moshe, he will be repaid from heaven.)

At the start of this court case, Rabbi Heller, member of the Beis Din, said to us “…..Elokim yivakesh tza’a’kat ha’nirdoff” (Hashem will seek the cry [and prayer] of the prosecuted.)

I really hope you will take this letter to heart (because I wrote it from the heart) and do something for our beautiful community. Thank you in advance.

Director of Machne Menachem]
Crown Heights

P.S. After concluding this letter, I have decided that it will benefit the community if our dear netzigin will be presented with this important information. In addition, I am enclosing some copies from the court. Your welcome to see the entire collection.

cc: all Crown Heights netzigim Enclosure


7 Responses to To My Dear Friend…Greetings and Blessings [The Facts of the Matter]

  1. Zalmen K. says:

    “A humans mind tends to possess a selective memory”

    Tell me about it, it’s so scary how fast people forget.
    At least now we have the Internet and all these web sites, maybe it was created just for this.

  2. CHER says:

    I’m no prophet, Just a little experienced in the way these people (the likes of Spritzer) work.

    Mark my words,
    The excuse to why Spritzer has not shown up to any Din Torah, for the last 2 years, is because of this web-site, that only started about 3 months ago (November of ’08). And if this web-site would not have started (3 months ago), Spritzer would have came to a Din Torah, two years ago.

    [It might even go as far as,
    The reason Spritzer had to go to court (12 years ago), is because of this very site].

  3. A humans mind tends to possess a selective memory, consequently, the rumors and fabrications that have been circulating have surely affected you, as well as many others in the community.

    There is a known rule in politics, a small lie is a doubt whether people will take it or not. However if someone says a great lie, and repeats it many times, it causes people to think: “If this intelligent person is saying this, a shocking thing that has no place in intellect so many times, it must mean that there is some truth to it.” Being that it is so shocking people believe it.

    Now, Just imagine what you can do with the Truth/Emes.

  4. After not communicating with me for about two week, in his desperation (not having any thing or argument of substance) “noneedtoknow” (the guy above), started to get personal and making threats.

    noneedtoknow a.k.a. (fake name) david grossbaum, wrote: Sun, Mar 15, 2009 at 10:55 AM

    Binyomin, it’s no use… you’re name is going now….
    (since you placed that disgusting picture up on your “other” site – I promise not to rest till the entire CH knows your true colors… and your father screaming in 770 wont help either cuz your to be doomed for life!
    thought u were smarter than that!
    your days in shomrim are numbered!

    shmira rules!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sun, Mar 15, 2009 at 6:24 PM

    binyomin, give it up! the police have too much against you already (and, btw, keeping your good nature “tzfatim maser on shomrim member” etc.) thru isn’t going to help you anymore as soon as the new profile is ready…

    we have evidence ready, and as soon as the time is ripe, your cover we’ll be blown to pieces… (another thing, we’re targeting YOU, cuz the hershkops have nebech a family)

    Notice how he started off being very civil and nice, just a concerned “father of two children” etc… blah blah…, when having nothing of substance and becoming very desperate, he oped to do what all liberal cowards tend to do, get personnel (although I must point out I am not Binyomin and even if I was, that does not change any of the facts that I posted on my site) and made threats.

    This is my reply to him and anybody like him:

    If we were having a face to face discussion, you would by now either punch me in the face (for simply disagreeing with you), or I would just shake your hand, ending the conversation and never discussion anything with you.

    Your a liar,
    I’m going to say this for the last time (slowly).

    D-O N-O-T W-R-I-T-E M-E B-A-C-K!
    If we were having a face to face discussion, you would at this point either punch me in the face (simply for disagreeing with you), or I would just shake your hand, ending the conversation and never discussion anything with you.

    You love and live off strife and destruction and it’s a total waste of time trying to have a civil conversation with you (I tried that and look where you went with it, You got personal, not even knowing who I am, and even if you did, that would not give you the right being that who I am has nothing to do with the issues being discussed, it would not change any of the facts on the site. You made threats, You totally went out of line. Let’s not even get to how many time you changed the subject matter and contradicted yourselves and simply put your foot in your mouth).
    The whole point of this site, is not to convince people like you, but to defeat people like you.
    D-O N-O-T W-R-I-T-E M-E B-A-C-K!
    My policy now is: if your comment of e-mail has nothing to do with the site (machne menachem) and anything being discussed on the site, I will ignore.

    This is what your going to to now:
    You will continue to write to me (your hate is to strong).
    You will continue to make threats and get personal, that is after all what you have left.
    I don’t have to reply.

    All you did was proper me for others like you (for that I must thank you). I’m happy I learned this lesson early on, because I have to much work in front of me and I can’t afford (anymore) to get distracted.

    סוף מעשה במחשבה תחלה

  5. person says:

    your mistake was, you gave him the benefit of the doubt, assuming he was civil, assuming that he is a mensch.
    anybody who can justify mesira/a mossir, justify a theft/ganev and justify any injustice (from no matter whom that injustice comes from), does not say much about that person.
    A word of advice, don’t get in to debates with these people (learn Tanya chapter 28)

    “…he should pay them no attention, but avert his mind from them immediately…”

    “Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest you too become like him.”

    “for he who wrestles with a filthy person is bound to become soiled himself.”

    [Similarly, in the process of fighting the foreign thought, one’s mind becomes filled and tainted by it. He should therefore not seek to grapple with it.

    Instead he should pretend not to know nor hear the foreign thoughts that occurred to him, should dismiss them from his mind, and strengthen still more the power of his concentration.]

    Basically, they (the justifiers)are haters, desperate and strife off machlokes. Don not get detracted by trying to answer to them.
    Like the Alter Rebbe writes…

    This is, to use an example, like a person who is praying with devotion, while facing him there stands a wicked heathen who chats and speaks to him in order to confuse him.

    If the other’s intention were not to disturb him but merely, say, to ask him a question, then he could rid himself of the disturbance simply by responding to the questioner. But when the intention is to disturb his prayers, he will gain nothing by responding; if he answers one question, he will promptly be asked another.
    Surely the best advice in this case would be to answer him neither good nor evil, but rather to act as though he were deaf, without hearing.

    I promise, and this advice is from years and years of experience, no matter what you say, no matter what you proof, they will always, always, find some justification for their evil ways.

    So, you (MM) continue doing what you are doing, the people need to be informed, the people need to know the truth. I only pray that others will follow and do the same.

  6. machanemenachem says:

    “I said that unless I get a letter NOT to go, i will not go. I already heard from him that i could.”

    A famous rabbi wrote: “If a Chasid says, ‘I saw it with my own eyes,’ then he may have heard. And when a Chasid says he heard, then it certainly never happened”.

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