Who Goes To Spritzers Camp And Why?


Who goes to Spritzers camp?

The answer to the above question, is easy, short and clear.
The saying goes, “If you want to know who a person is, just look at who his friends are”.

We already know who Yankle/Yaakov/Jacob Spritzer is.

Yaakov Spritzer is a…
MOSER (Rat),
a GANEV (Theft)
and HEARTLESS EVIL MAN to say the least.

Now, what would that say about somebody who would associate himself with such an individual? I would say they relate to each other.

A few mouths back, I was told about how Yaakov Spritzer did not pay (what he promised), one of his must loyal and devoted staff members. If you ask me, I would say that this staff member was the face of Spritzer camp (Chayolei Hamelech). I guess now hes the…. [not the face]. Yes, there was a Din Torah (by Rabbi Schwei), it goes without saying that the staff member lost. Usually,  when you have an employee, who is loyal, devoted and does a great job, you do all you can to keep him. Especially, pay him what you promised.

But all the above (the last paragraph) is not the point I’m trying to make. What is the point, you ask?

It goes without saying, that this staff member feels betrayed and is not returning to Chayolei Hamelech. But when his younger brother was asked as to whether he will be returning to Spritzer camp, his reply was in the affirmative. When he was asked, how can you go back to Spritzer, when Spritzer did what he did to your brother [?].
[And here my friends is the punch line]. His reply: “He screwed my brother, not me”.

By the way: Now he’s saying, “if Spritzer pays me up front, then I’ll go”. Which is in no way an improvement of his previous attitude and just comes to prove, that all those that go to Spritzers camp are sick and selfish individuals, only looking out for themselves. What that tells me is,  even if they know (and always knew), what I have been writing/posting on this site, to be true (that Spritzer is a Ganev and  Moser etc…) . It would make no difference to them. Because, this was never about Right and Wrong*, Machne Menachem/Hershkop/Heber/ Goldman and Spritzer, this was always about themselves, me, me, me.  So, it’s no surprise that you will find this attitude of, “all the things you are saying is true, BUT, it didn’t happen to ME”. For a great example of what I just wrote, read THIS.

There you have it. They go to Spritzers camp, because that’s who they are, they are Spritzer and everything Spritzer represents (which is hate and greed).
*Torah/Halacha/Shulchan Aruch


In years past, there may have been the excuse of, “I did not know”. For one thing, the only source of information was misinformation, rumors and propaganda, coming from the Spritzers side. But on November 30th, 2008 (my first posting) that all changed. After hearing all the rumors  and propaganda and actually seeing prove to the contrary, I decided to take the initiative and create this site. Having the actual proves (documents etc…) made it so much easier.

Now with almost 28,000 views, it’s safe to say, that now “everybody knows”, who, what, when, where and why.  There is no excuse.
By going to Spritzers camp you are saying load and clear, “I DON’T CARE ABOUT…

Such people, should not be anywhere near our children, especially when it come to education.


Update: Murder At Chayolei Hamelech


Murder At Chayolei Hamelech-LACKAWAXEN PA. Updated story from BREAKING NEWS: Murder At Chayolei Hamelech

March 18, 2010, Pike County Press

Camp Stabbing Victim Identified (Click Here)