Spritzer Suing in Federal Court a.k.a Mesira

!לא תעמוד על דם רעך

You shall not stand idly by your brothers blood!

“To characterize the complaint as prolix, replete with hearsay and irrelevancies, would be charitable

Judge Leo Glasser (on the claims of Mesira)

From Parshas Machne Menachem booklet:

…“After they were informed by the bank, Spritzer and Schreiber, at the end of winter, 1997, decided to sue us in Federal court under RICO for over $2,000,000! Concocting a bunch of libels and falsehoods, they accused us of terrorizing, mail fraud and embezzlement, that Meir Hershkop had taken money for himself and tried to gain control of the camp by hiring his son-in-law as its manager.

This was a diversionary tactic to enable them to seize full control of the camp.They succeeded at first giving the judge a negative impression of us. They brought false witnesses including Joseph Spielman, Yaakov Herzog, and Yisroel Sandhaus, who all testified falsely against us in court! Spielman testified that his van had been burned and he believed it was Hershkop who did it. This testimony persuaded the judge to reopen the bank account for them and issue a restraining order against us, forbidding us to come in contact with the plaintiffs or with the camp.”

Read for yourself and come to your own conclusion!

יראה העם וישפוט

On May 6, 1997, the plaintiffs, a not-for-profit Corporation and Yaakov Spritzer, filed a complaint against seven named defendants consisting of 167 paragraphs extending over 50 pages and asserting eleven claims as follows:

First Amended Verified Complaint Click Here

Verified Complaint Click Here

Number 12 page 5 notice how: Spritzer represents the Beth Dins Psak Din to the court (missing a few details, Yes?)

Number 8 page 3: I will be G-d willing be bringing actual evidence to show how it was Spritzer doing just that.

The date, May 2, 1997 is only a few months after the Psak Din of Beth Din giving Spritzer temporary control of the camp. Why the need to go to court?


In result of the above claims against the original directors of Machne Menachem, the judge came out with (what  would later be just the) temporary decision which included a restraining order on the other directors not to enter the camp etc… it took the judge 3 years to see that he was being deceived by Spritzer.

Click Here for Text Vesion

Restrainig Order ’97 (PDF)

Even After the restraining orders were lifted, Spritzer had the Chutzpa to still try to use it against the original directors.

By going to “Spritzers camp” you are in some way signing the verdict above and in result of that taking part in spilling Jewish blood!


16 Responses to Spritzer Suing in Federal Court a.k.a Mesira

  1. antimesira says:

    there seems to be a pardon here of Mesira,
    it always the one side doing Mesira on the other.
    Meaning it’s always the same group of people trying to lock up the other with the same tactics.

    Spritzer tries to lock up the Hershkop with false claims etc… to get what he wants
    the shmira is doing the same thing now to shomrim (Hershkop), trying to shut down Shomrim by way of Mesira with false claim etc…

    Chanina sperling/the770 Gaboyim/spritzer again tried to get the hershkops
    locked up with the box story

    Don’t people learn from history. History just keeps on repeating.
    I guess thats what it means when it says about Mosserim
    למלשינים אל תהי תקוה no hope for them! you can’t help them and they can’t help themselves.

    It’s just too bad it took the judge 3 years to see throw his lies, all that time and energy waisted. spritzer got what he wanted, another year/summer and another summer and I bet thats what hes going to do know, just kill time.

    To the one running this site, I like what you are doing.
    Good luck,
    Just please stick to facts.

  2. socked says:

    this is literally spilling innocent blood of fellow Jews.

    Any body who has sent or plans to send their children to Chayoly Hamelech
    might as well add his signature on Spritzers Affidavit of Mesira above.


  3. machanemenachem says:

    Parshah: Mishpatim

    Chapter 21

    1. And these are the ordinances that you shall set before them.

    …Before Them:
    But not before gentiles. Even if you know that they [gentiles] judge a certain law similarly to the laws of Israel, do not bring it to their courts, for one who brings Jewish lawsuits before gentiles profanes the [Divine] Name and honors the name of idols to praise them (other editions: to give them importance), as it is said: “For not like our Rock [God] is their rock, but [yet] our enemies judge [us]” (Deut. 32:31). When [we let] our enemies judge [us], this is testimony to [our] esteem of their deity. — [From Tanchuma 3]

  4. antimesira says:

    למלשינים אל תהי תקוה

    המוסרים והאפיקורסין מישראל היה דין לאבדן ביד ולהורידן עד באר שחת מפני שהיו מצירים לישראל ומסירין את העם מאחרי ה

    Notice how the Rambam always puts the מוסר together with the Infidel;
    A Heretic;
    One who denies the Torah;
    One who denies that there will be a Resurrection;
    One who denies that there will be a Redemption;
    One who converts from Judaism;
    One who causes a lot of people to sin;
    One who withdraws from communal ways;
    One who publicly sins in a defiant way like Jehoiakim did;
    an Informer [against Jews];
    One who instills fear in the congregation but not in the Name of G-d;
    A Murderer;
    One who relates loshan ho’rah;
    and one who pulls back his foreskin [in order to cover his brit milah].

    They are all one of the same.

    Now would you let any of the above Davven in the same Shul as you?
    Would you let any of the above in to your home?
    Would you give any of the above money?
    Would you try to justify any of the above?

  5. Arnevet says:

    shpritzer is the ultimate con-artist faker in the world!. He is one of the driving forces behind alot of the messiras that happen in our neighberhood. Let us also not forget the time that he kicked sholom Horowitz in the balls in 770 on simchat Torah. Sholom Horowitz had to go to the hospital, which I think he didn’t want to go on yomtov, even though hatzolah insisted that he go. He got called to the rabonim to which he “always adheres to” and he was assest a knas ( fine) that was to reimburse to sholom Horowitz, do u think he payed? Well u guessed it, no he didn’t! Shpritzer only takes money from other people, but he won’t pay up when he’s guilty. Shpritzer ofcourse said that he was drunk when he kicked horowiz in the balls, well the din is that ” Adam muad leolam” which means a person is always responsible for his actions! Yes, even when drunk! The gemara goes as far to say that even if u injure someone while u r sleeping, u are still liable, because u r always responsible for you’re actions! Shprizer u faker! U encloth yourself in the clothes of the righteous, but all u are is a mosser, scam artist , and u are on pills!

  6. din vecheshbon says:

    why won’t he show up to a din Torah, according to his mosser supporters the camp is rightfully his, if that is so he should be more then happy to come proof himself. after all what does he have to hide?

  7. Resident says:

    what about shpritzers fight with his sister? And all the heart ache he put his sister through? All because he’s a greedy son of a —-. Can anyone elaborate? And fill us in, I would appreciate it.

  8. john doe says:

    WHERE ARE THE PEOPLE THAT ARE FOR RIGHT? is Halacha against Messira just something for the classroom? something the rabbi’s put in textbooks to amuse us? how come i do not see anybody write i am not for either side, BUT THIS IS WRONG!”

  9. Follow the money says:

    this guy the ganov and mosser shpritzer is behind almost every machlokes and mesira that goes on in Crown Heights.
    He won’t give a penny to Tztaka but will give all he’s got to fund Mochlokes.

    If you follow the money you will end up by him.
    Like I wrote before all these people are all connected (work together) with one goal, to destroy anything good.

  10. noneedtoknow says:

    All the above just proofs that Spritzer is a Mossier, you can’t call him a Ganev and a theft!

  11. In result of the above claims against the original directors of Machne Menachem, the judge came out with (what would later be just the) temporary decision which included a restraining order on the other directors not to enter the camp etc… it took the judge 3 years to see that he was being deceived by Spritzer.

    I would like to add…
    Even After the Judge realized his mistake, or better yet, realized that he was being deceived by spritzer,
    and took took off the above restraining order. Spritzer still tried to use it as prove….
    1. He was still showing it to people in the Shchuna, telling them that he had won the case etc…
    2. He tried to use it against the original directors went they went to camp, he called the police on them and showed the above restraining order and tried to have them arrested.
    3. Even after Judge Glassers final verdict, Spritzer still tried to fool the bankruptcy court in PA, Showing them the above restraining order as prove that he was the rightful owner etc…

    No Shame! A sick and evil man!

  12. B.G. says:

    4. Defendants Mendel Hershkop, Meir Hershkop, Lelli Hershkop, Gadi Hershkop and Levi Hartman are members of the lawless Crown Heights clan which brazenly refers to itself as the “Hershkop Mafia.” Mendel and Meir are the patriarch and assistant patriarch of the family. Gadi and Lelli Hershkop are Meir’s adult children and Levi Hartman his son-in-law. Certain members of the Hershkop Family have in the past been arrested for violence against their rivals.
    5. Shmuel Heber is an advisor to the Hershkop Family. Heber has encouraged and participated in the Hershkop Family’s wrongful scheme to take control of the Camp, as described below. Initially, Heber was one of the Camp’s directors, but he resigned as soon as he realized that being a director of this charitable institution would require some personal financial commitment.
    6. Yosef Goldman is a Hershkop Family associate and was removed for cause as a director of the Camp following a rabbinic arbitration before the Beth Din Tzedek (Rabbinic Court) of Crown Heights.

    I just have one question…
    When is the Hershkop “mafia” movie coming out?
    If the movie will be like anything described above, then I have no doubt, it’s going to be a black buster. Can’t wait! *****

  13. Properganda 5769 says:

    A comment Written on Chabad.info

    August 6th, 2009
    The Hershkop Gang of thugs began to Terrorize Spritzer and his associates by breaking their car windows, cutting their tires and even burning their cars.

    When this didn’t work they began to vandalize the camp property, in the off season.

    At this point Spritzer and company had no choice but to go to court, since these band violent criminals did not listen to the Beis Din.

    Judge Leo Glasser made a finding of fact the the Hershkop Mob was infact a lying group of violent thugs who did assult threaten, vandalize and burn Spritzers vehicles.

    After many years of court battles and hundreds of thousands (possibly millions) of dollars being spent to fight the Hershkops, Justice has been served with Spritzer being victorious.

    But the Hershkop mob is not done yet they are constantly attempting to intimidate anyone who sends their childern to this great camp, and threaten and intimidate anyone who is a staff member.

    Their intimidation of anyone who has any contact with the camp included their desperate sounding web site, and false fabricated court documents and letters that are mailed to “mecahnchim” and parents, the list goes on and on but I am sure that you get the idea.

    These are just misserable people and they are trying to stay on top but sooner or later they will fall under

  14. Still recycling the same old propaganda.
    Hay, wait a minute, they have been saying these same exact lies all these years,
    Thats the reason I started this site, to present the actual Facts!
    For people who claim to be the winners, they seem to be quit miserable.
    Come on! you have the camp, Mesira is justified, stealing is justified etc…why the long face?

  15. Anonymous says:

    This is a side dedecaited to sturing hate and negetive enegy.

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