אל תשלח ידך אל הנער


“Do Not Raise a Hand Against the Boy” (Bereishit 22:12)


Before this years camp session begone, the web-site jewishcommunitywatch.com added a camp section. The sites webmasters reached out to camps asking them what policies they put in place to prevent abuse in camp.

Some camps complied, other haven’t. What struck me must out of all responses was  the camp Chayolei Hamelech response. Most camps that responded, did so with two three lines, but camp Chayolei   Hamelech responded with nine lines.

Camp Chayolei Hamelech
Chayolei Hamelech has implemented a comprehensive sexual abuse policy which is read and signed by all personnel. Background checks are performed on all staff members. Each staff member is required to take a training program which includes in-person training with experienced therapists, informational videos, and online courses. All of which are monitored by the camp’s administration. Each bunk has at least two counselors assigned to it and never are staff members (aside from medical staff) allowed to be alone with a camper. In addition, campers are encouraged to notify the administration if they encounter any situation that makes them feel unsafe. Chayolei Hamelch’s sexual abuse policy is linked here.

Why such a long response? Why so much “prevention”*?

Becuase, so much sexual abuse has and still is taking place at this camp.

Who are the staff this year in camp Chayolei Hamelech?

Reviewing photos from camp Chayolei Hamelech you will notice that must of the staff are Israeli Bochrim (from 770). It would be interesting to know what “background checks” they did on their staff. It would also be interesting to know how these Israeli Bochrim did with “the training programs, informational videos, and on-line courses”?

Personally, as a father who has a son in day-camp, I ask my son almost every-single day if someone touched him in forbidden places, I then go over with him all the rules.

Imagine having your kids miles away with total and complete strangers 24/7.


When 12 Buses Took Hundreds Of Children to Camp


Summer 0f 1996, 12 [full] buses pulled out of Crown Heights heading towards Machne Menachem. That year the Machne Menachem which was located at,  445 Mast Hope Plank Road, Lackawaxen, PA, 18435 hosted 500 campers and 200 staff.

The streets of Crown Heights were literately desolate of Children.

Machne menachem (2)I myself was on one of these buses and remember how the line of buses stretched almost two blocks. Starting from Eastern Pkwy and Kingston Ave.,  down to Eastern Pkwy and Brooklyn. It was quite a sight to see.

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Yaakov Spritzer and Shlomie Rutman Money Laundering Scheme


Read about it here – chleaks.com: Chayolei HaGanovim: Money Laundering Scheme

Yaakov Spritzer 311 Mesira Recording


No introduction and commentary needed,  presenting the Mosser and Ganef Yaakov Spritzer’s 311 Mesira recording:

BREAKING: Siruv Issued Against Yaakov Spritzer


After over three years of tricks in an attempt to delay or [better yet to] avoid not having a Din Torah, the Beth Din Beis Yosef issued a Siruv against Yaakov Spritzer for refusing to show up before the Beis Din for a Din Torah

As soon as I get a copy with more details it will be posted here.

UPDATE: Beth Din wrote the Siruv. Spritzer promised he would come sign the shtar berurin (binding arbitration agreement). The Machane Menachem directors have already signed a shtar and Spritzer has yet to do so.

Another Win For Machne Menachem…Spritzer Loses Another Appeal




 No. 11-1496.

 United States Court of Appeals, Third Circuit.

 Submitted Under Third Circuit LAR 34.1(a) November 16, 2011.

 Filed: January 3, 2012.

Before: FUENTES, CHAGARES, Circuit Judges, and RESTANI,* Judge.



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Another Victory For Machne Menachem


Click here for Appeal Decision by Judge Richard Caputo

The following was taken from whoisshmira.com

Yaakov Spritzer loses appeal:
Spritzers Appeal: Pages 1-11
——- Pages 12-22

MEMORANDUM AND ORDER: IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that the orders of the Bankruptcy Court dated March 4, 2010 (D.1.838) and March 31, 2009 (D.1.825) are AFFIRMED. Signed by Honorable A. Richard Caputo on 2/18/11.

Yaakov Spritzer must return $1.3 million that he stole from  Machne Menachem.

The following issues have to be dealt with:

1. Yaakov Spritzer illegal activities throughout all these years.

2. Paying for all the damage he caused good families, by dragging them to Federal Court and bringing  a Blood Libel (RICO) against them.

First loss for Yaakov the Ganev Spritzer:
Judge Glasser Final Ruling  Against Spritzer – Finding of Facts (Click Here)

Second loss for Yaakov the Ganev Spritzer:
Judge Thomas Final Ruling Against Spritzer – Finding of Facts (Click Here)

Also See:
Parshas Machne Menachem

Yaakov Spritzer Initial Mesira

The Facts Of The Matter

Yaakov Spritzer: This case is not about a Camp (Coming Up… WIS will have a post dedicated in explaining what the case was really about…).

How Did Spritzer Get Hold Of The Camp Grounds?

Din Torah: Past, Present and Future. It’s been over three years since Yaakov Spritzer was called for a Din Torah and still has not shown any sign of cooperation. Din Torah Update.

Eating Chazer In Chayolei Hamelach


Non-Kosher meat is soooo cheap


Parent: I have no choice but to send my child to Camp Chayolei Hamelech, it’s simply cheaper and I can’t afford any other camp.

Parent: I have no choice but to buy only Non-Kosher (Traif) meat, it’s simply cheaper and I can’t afford Kosher meat.


ארור משיג גבול רעהו ואמר כל-העם אמן

(דברים כ”ז- י”ז)
“Accursed is one who moves back the boundary of his fellow”

Of Lies And Deceit


Who oppose the current Vaad of Mosrim? (Jihad.info)

Let Yaakov Spritzer come to a Din Torah with all these claims and so called proves and make his case.

Why  is Spritzer withholding for over two years, showing up to a Din Torah?

Din Torah: Past, Present and Future

Psak Din[im] 5757/1997-5769/2008

Who Set The Trap For The Rav?

Who Forced The Rav To Appear In Court?

Desperate Is What Desperate Does + Spritzers Appeal


Camp Chayolei Hamelech has been operating under the directorship/management of Yankle Spritzer and family (mainly Shlomie Rutman) since 2006. Spritzer and Rutman had previously mismanaged Machne Menachem between the years of 1996 till the summer of 2003.   Total years of Spritzer/Rutman operating a summer camp for the children of Crown Heights, eleven years.

You would think after all these years of  such a “successful” camp, there would be no need to advertise*. In fact one would think that by the time Purim came along, registration would be coming to a close, with a full camp of over 500 children (between the ages of 8 to 13), not including the older divisions (7th and 8th grade programs).

*We don’t see such a push of advertisement from any of the other Chabad/Crown Heights camps as we do Spritzers camp. We don’t even see the newer camps (2-3 years old) begging for campers, they seem to be doing fine.

Desperate People Do Desperate Things

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Who Goes To Spritzers Camp And Why?


Who goes to Spritzers camp?

The answer to the above question, is easy, short and clear.
The saying goes, “If you want to know who a person is, just look at who his friends are”.

We already know who Yankle/Yaakov/Jacob Spritzer is.

Yaakov Spritzer is a…
MOSER (Rat),
a GANEV (Theft)
and HEARTLESS EVIL MAN to say the least.

Now, what would that say about somebody who would associate himself with such an individual? I would say they relate to each other.

A few mouths back, I was told about how Yaakov Spritzer did not pay (what he promised), one of his must loyal and devoted staff members. If you ask me, I would say that this staff member was the face of Spritzer camp (Chayolei Hamelech). I guess now hes the…. [not the face]. Yes, there was a Din Torah (by Rabbi Schwei), it goes without saying that the staff member lost. Usually,  when you have an employee, who is loyal, devoted and does a great job, you do all you can to keep him. Especially, pay him what you promised.

But all the above (the last paragraph) is not the point I’m trying to make. What is the point, you ask?

It goes without saying, that this staff member feels betrayed and is not returning to Chayolei Hamelech. But when his younger brother was asked as to whether he will be returning to Spritzer camp, his reply was in the affirmative. When he was asked, how can you go back to Spritzer, when Spritzer did what he did to your brother [?].
[And here my friends is the punch line]. His reply: “He screwed my brother, not me”.

By the way: Now he’s saying, “if Spritzer pays me up front, then I’ll go”. Which is in no way an improvement of his previous attitude and just comes to prove, that all those that go to Spritzers camp are sick and selfish individuals, only looking out for themselves. What that tells me is,  even if they know (and always knew), what I have been writing/posting on this site, to be true (that Spritzer is a Ganev and  Moser etc…) . It would make no difference to them. Because, this was never about Right and Wrong*, Machne Menachem/Hershkop/Heber/ Goldman and Spritzer, this was always about themselves, me, me, me.  So, it’s no surprise that you will find this attitude of, “all the things you are saying is true, BUT, it didn’t happen to ME”. For a great example of what I just wrote, read THIS.

There you have it. They go to Spritzers camp, because that’s who they are, they are Spritzer and everything Spritzer represents (which is hate and greed).
*Torah/Halacha/Shulchan Aruch


In years past, there may have been the excuse of, “I did not know”. For one thing, the only source of information was misinformation, rumors and propaganda, coming from the Spritzers side. But on November 30th, 2008 (my first posting) that all changed. After hearing all the rumors  and propaganda and actually seeing prove to the contrary, I decided to take the initiative and create this site. Having the actual proves (documents etc…) made it so much easier.

Now with almost 28,000 views, it’s safe to say, that now “everybody knows”, who, what, when, where and why.  There is no excuse.
By going to Spritzers camp you are saying load and clear, “I DON’T CARE ABOUT…

Such people, should not be anywhere near our children, especially when it come to education.

Update: Murder At Chayolei Hamelech


Murder At Chayolei Hamelech-LACKAWAXEN PA. Updated story from BREAKING NEWS: Murder At Chayolei Hamelech

March 18, 2010, Pike County Press

Camp Stabbing Victim Identified (Click Here)

Didan Notzach! Victory For Truth And Machne Menachem


יראה העם וישפוט

Spritzer must return $1.3 million that he stole from  Machne Menachem (-$76,000).

The truth [as it was always] comes out. After many years of both sides representing their case in front of a judge, the court comes out with the second verdict against Yankle the Ganev Spritzer.

The Final Order And Decision By Judge Thomas [Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Court] Click Here

For a clearer re-typed version Click Here

Read it once, read it twice, study it if you have too. You will discover where all the millions went.

Hint, not for the benefit of your children.

Also see:

Nu, So How Did Spritzer Get Hold Of The Camp?

UPDATE 3/18/10: As expected; no surprise. In another effort to waste/kill time, Spritzer Appeals the bankruptcy decision above. I could go ahead and try to explain why I think, this appeal is a waist of time and useless, but whats the point, let’s first see if the appeal will be  granted.


PLUS: Spritzer keeps on hiring lawyers and doesn`t pay them. He is now being sued for $319,194.00. by his lawyers in the Supreme court of the State of NY. Index No. 601311/07 (Click Here).

It seems Spritzer expected the above verdict and decided to cause some more trouble for the rightful directors of Machne Menachem. Spritzer saw he was going to loss, so he went to Mr. Rubin, a lawyers he had not paid, while illegally operating Machne Menachem and advised him that now MM will have money and he should demand it from MM. Another long battle to deal with. This is far from over my friends.

UPDATE 3/18/10: Thank G-d I was wrong. The case has been Disposed (Click Here). Not knowing that the court had already disposed of this case on March 10, the directors responded with THIS, on the 15th. They were advised by the clerk that there is no need for a responds. I’m sharing this with you, to demonstrate the fraud that was about to take place. 

Din Torah Update:


After Spritzer sends many letters to Bais Din in an attempt to avoid a Din Torah – as he has been doing for the last 10 years- the Bais Din sends him the following Letter, Dated 11 Shvat 5770

י''א שבט תש''ע Bais Din Beth Yosef Letter to Spritzer (click to enlarge)

In has come to my attention and was no surprise to me, that Yankle Spritzer has been working very close with Paul Huebner (the Mosser who orchestrated the Shomrim Six Mesira). In the last motion that Huebner put in to court (re: the $144 million lawsuit), he tried to use, as Spritzer wrongfully and illegally did himself in the past,the restraning order that Judge Glasser put on the rightful directors of Machne Menachem  by 1997. Amongst the documents that Huebner is so foolishly trying to use are also transcript pages which he could have only gotten from Spritzer.

As already reported here, Spritzer was tried to use the Shomrim Six case to avoid a Din Torah.


Same Mesira (On Hershkop/Shomrim), Same People, Different Day.

The Mossrim Then And Now

Din Torah: Past, Present and Future


Beth Din- Din Torahיראה העם וישפוט

Why has there not been a [proper] Din Torah until this day and why I think there will [probably] never will be.

This case was in middle of a Din Torah, Spritzer took it to court.
In court the original directors (Hershkops, Goldman and Heber), agreed to return this case to Bais Din, but Spritzer
repeatedly refused. All this has already been documented and discussed in Parshas Machne Menachem, (under: Who Is Making A Chillul Hashem?). Even back then, the original Directors agreed to go to a Zabla, but again Spritzer refused (Read Rabbi Hebers Letter to the judge and Spritzers Lawyer).


On the suggestion of the Crown Heights Bais Din, the original directors seek to have a Din Torah out of Crown Heights.
It was decided to go to the Bais Din Machon Lehoraya Monsey.

Update: Spritzer played the Monsey Bais Din for over a year. After a year of back and forth Spritzer makes a request for a Zabla. The Bais Din of Monsey does not deal with Zabla, so they suggest that the Din Torah take place with the Bais Yosef Bais Din (located in Boro-Park) who deal with Zabla. The Monsey Bais Din informed the MM directors that they will monitor the situation, if Spritzer plays his usual games, then they will come out with a Siruf against Spritzer. This all happened Tammuz time (5769). Since that time the Bais Din Bais Yosef has been avoiding the Din Torah. It has recently come to our attention from information coming out of the Bais Din itself, that its not for no reason the Din Torah has been delayed.

The reason they gave was that they had received information from “various parties” that the Hershkop family where involved in a criminal preceding were it would be proved that they are a violent gang and therefore the camp in any case can not go to them, making the argument that there is no need for a Din Torah. The case they were informed about was the now famous Shomrim Six case. What has been known to myself all along and now becoming more apparent is that many people (including Spritzer) were banking on the g-d forbid prosecution and conviction of 6 innocent Jews just to satisfy their own agendas. It’s also becoming very obvious (I personally didn’t need this prove to teach me this fact for as I stated, this is something I could have told you mouth ago), that this whole case from it’s conception had nothing to do with what happened (or did not happen) in 749 on the night of December 29,2007.  סוף מעשה במחשבה תחילה

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Yankle Spritzer writes to Chabad.info

The “no comments” policy is definitely a most positive improvement. The comments were (sadly) many times used to express negative sentiments. Although the editor of each website has the option of deleting negative comments, nevertheless “certain” websites thrive on these very negative comments. I would like to see the Rabbonim enforce the “no comments” rule on all websites serving the Lubavitch community throughout the world. It will greatly reduce a lot of “sinas chinom” and “machloikes” and perhaps even put the websites who thrive on the negative out of business. This should have been done long ago.

Yankle Spritzer

How about not stealing?
How about listening to Rabbonim yourself for once in your life?
How about that long awaited Din Torah?

The Mossier and Ganev Yankle Spritzer is worried about the Rabbonim all of a sudden and hes really worried about comments and the “other certain sites” that carry them, thats whats bothering him. Why is that, perhaps because they expose all you mossrim for who you really are?

An animal that takes Jews to court on viscous messiras time after time and even has his only sister put in to hand cuffs is worried about “sinas chinom” and “machloikes”?

Rabbi Marlow Testifies In Court: When The Head Is Sick So Is The Body


יראה העם וישפוט

The Messira disease didn’t’ just start now in 2009 , this sickness started long ago, over 15 years. One of those first Messiras was in fact on the directors of Machne Menachem (1996). Not only didn’t Rabbi Marlow do anything to stop it, he tried like many [evil] people to justify and excuse. Like Rabbi Schwei he does not admit that he gave permission but does not deny either. None of these justification or excuses are found in the Shulchan Aruch.

The words of the Rambam in the laws of Sanhedrin: “it is forbidden for a judge to hear one side of the litigants before the other one is present or in his absence and even one word is forbidden  (to listen to) as it says you must listen to your brothers (plural). And if (a judge) hears only one side he transgressed a Torah violation as it says you should not bear vain claims which includes a warning to one who accepts evil talk (loshon hora) and one who says loshon hora and one who testifies falsely (as we see everyday in court).

Rambam Sanhedrin 23, 8: “forever a judge should feel as if a sword is applied to his neck and the gates of hell are open beneath him and he should know whom he is judging and in front of whom he is judging and who will ultimately make him pay (for his ruling) if he deviates from the truth as it says G-d stands among a community of G-d, etc.”

Rambam Sanhedrin 23,9: “every judge who doesn’t rule according to the ultimate truth causes the Shechina (G-d’s presence) to withdraw its presence from amongst the Jews and every judge who takes from one and gives to the other unjustly against Halacha, G-d collects from him lives … And every judge who rules according to the truth even for one hour he is considered as if he corrected the entire world and he causes the Shechina (G-d’s presence) to dwell amongst the Jewish people as it says, G-d stands amongst the community of G-d.”

February 25, 1999 (Schapiro, Brook and MARLOW) Machne menachem, Yaakov Spritzer, Mesira 10

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Letter to Rabbi Schwei By Hershkop Family


On 5 Kislev the following letter was sent to Rabbi Schwei informing him about the current situation with the Mesira on Six of our community members who volunteer in Shomrim Chesed organization. In this letter Rabbi Schwei is being informed of how many are misusing his name (in a public way) to justify this vicious Messira (a modern day blood libel), he is asked many questions about his said involvement. upen receiving this letter, Rabbi Schwei promised a full response by the following Shabbos  (11 Kislev- November 28). Shabbos has come and gone and no responds.

For the original Hebrew letter to Rabbi Schwei from Hershkop Family Click Here


5 Kislev 5770 (November 22, 2009)

Dear Rabbi Schwei:

You are most certainly aware of the fact that there is a court case going on in secular court, and you have stated clearly that it is forbidden to do so without explicit permission from a competent Rav.

Recently a flier was distributed to all the homes in Crown Heights, it was sent from our opponents who claim to speak on your behalf (they also posted it on the official website of your followers called Chabad.info).  In the flier they claim that you, Rav Schwei and Rav Osdoba gave them permission to take us to court. Rav Osdoba immediately issued a public letter in which he completely denies such claims, and he stated that he never gave them permission to go to court, and that those who went to court are evil people who have no share in the world to come.

It is obvious that this court case causes a tremendous violation of Hashem’s name.
Everyday, for the last three weeks G-d’s names is desecrated and the name of Lubavitch has been dragged down to the gutter.

The court appointed a jury of non-Jews and they are hearing and seeing on a daily basis how Chasidic Jews are fighting amongst themselves. They are hearing about all the garbage that goes on in Crown Heights replete with lies and incitement against Jews, etc. All this is done in your name and the name of your Beth Din who purportedly permitted them to go to court. They even publicized this claim that you gave them this permission in a letter to the entire community (and through their website to the entire world).

So our question to you is: Is it true that you gave them permission to go to court?! And if so, when and where did you properly investigate this matter before you issued such a ruling?!

In reality you refused to get involved and refused to hear the other side claiming that you don’t have the power or the manpower to get involved! And if in truth you didn’t give permission to go to court then why aren’t you issuing a letter against those who are spreading lies in your name? And if for whatever reason you are unable to publicly deny their claim that you gave permission (for unfortunate reasons of politics, etc.), then on you the Chachamim said “since you are silent you must agree with it.”

Did you know that they are attempting to put 6 Jews in prison?! Did you know that four of them are family men and fathers of children?!
Do you know that these defendants are unable to work for the last three weeks?
Do you remember the good old fashioned government appointed Rabbonim in the dark days of Russia of old?!
Do you take responsibility for these horrendous Mesira and government informers?!

Haven’t we suffered enough from the Mesira’s against the Rubashkin family, heaven forbid? Which, by the way, your people are part of the gang that ratted on Moshe Rubashkin and had him sent to prison, and they also attempted to inform on Rav Moshe Bogomilsky.

Our sages already commented: “from evil people evil comes forth” and “one transgression leads to another transgression.”

P.S. If it is true that this abomination was approved by you then you are destined to pay for it in this world and the world to come.

We wish to remind you (since your memory fails you to remember if you gave permission….) the words of the Rambam in the laws of Sanhedrin: “it is forbidden for a judge to hear one side of the litigants before the other one is present or in his absence and even one word is forbidden  (to listen to) as it says you must listen to your brothers (plural). And if (a judge) hears only one side he transgressed a Torah violation as it says you should not bear vain claims which includes a warning to one who accepts evil talk (loshon hora) and one who says loshon hora and one who testifies falsely (as we see everyday in court).

Rambam Sanhedrin 23, 8: “forever a judge should feel as if a sword is applied to his neck and the gates of hell are open beneath him and he should know whom he is judging and in front of whom he is judging and who will ultimately make him pay (for his ruling) if he deviates from the truth as it says G-d stands among a community of G-d, etc.”

Rambam Sanhedrin 23,9: “every judge who doesn’t rule according to the ultimate truth causes the Shechina (G-d’s presence) to withdraw its presence from amongst the Jews and every judge who takes from one and gives to the other unjustly against Halacha, G-d collects from him lives … And every judge who rules according to the truth even for one hour he is considered as if he corrected the entire world and he causes the Shechina (G-d’s presence) to dwell amongst the Jewish people as it says, G-d stands amongst the community of G-d.”

I suppose that on you it is said: “I said that you are G-dly and that you are sons of man, indeed like man…., etc.”
“Arise G-d judge this world – Pursue Justice!”

Suffering over the public desecration of G-d’s name.
Where there is desecration of G-d’s name you don’t give honor to….

A United Hershkop Family

Nu, So How Did Spritzer Get Hold Of The Camp?




Following is a history on Machne Menachem (“The Corp.) and an abbreviated version of the court cases, and proceedings which lead to the current claim.

  1. Machne Menachem was established in 1996 as a not for profit Corp. The Corp. was established to operate as a summer camp for the benefit of Jewish children. In 1997 The Corp. purchased a property in Lackawaxen, PA. The Corp. was run by the Board which consisted of Mendel Hershkop, Shmuel Heber, Yackov Spritzer, and Yosef Goldman.
  2. In 1997 Mr. Spritzer submitted a claim in Federal Court on the basis of RICO charges against the other directors. In October, 2002 the Court decided in favor of the Board of Directors, dismissing charges against them, and giving the opinion that MR. Spritzer had acted against the law.
  3. In December of 2000, while the proceedings in the NY court were still active, Mr. Spritzer filed for bankruptcy for the Corp. in the State of Pennsylvania. Judge Glasser (New York) assessed that Mr. Spritzer filed for bankruptcy to disrupt the proceedings in New York which at that time were not working in his favor. At the time there was no reason (financially) to file for bankruptcy. The camp was well funded via government programs and camp tuition.
  4. To substantiate his claim, Mr. Spritzer claimed that the Corp. owed him $1.3 million which he had loaned to the Corp. He also submitted claims for his partner (Mr. Schriber), his children, and his son-in-law. One month before filing for bankruptcy Mr. Spritzer placed a lean on the camp grounds for his claim (against the law).
  5. After Judge Glasser’s decision, The Board resumed operating the Corp.
  6. The Boards objective at first was to disprove all of the claims submitted against the Corp.
  7. The Board was advised by its counsel to keep the case in Bankruptcy Court so that it could recover the documents which would be used to refute the claims. They were also advised that this would allow them to recover funds they claimed Mr. Spritzer owed the Corp.
  8. After receiving part of the information demanded from Mr. Spritzer, The Corp. accountant confirmed that the claims were unsubstantiated. Furthermore, Mr. Spritzer was advised by the board (around 1998) not to loan money to the Corp. It was further established that relatives of Directors were not allowed to work for pay. This and much more was submitted to Mr. Santura at Hourigan, Kluger, and Quinn. The Board requested of Mr. Santura that he submit a motion regarding these claims, as refutation of those claims would prove the entire bankruptcy proceedings illegitimate.
  9. After several meetings with Mr. Santura at the offices of H.K.Q., The Board was finally promised that such a motion had been submitted. Mr. Santura provided a copy of this motion with his signature (copy available).
  10. This motion included a request for repayment from Mr. Spritzer on the amount owed by him to The Corp.
  11. The Board trusted Mr. Santura’s word that he had submitted this motion. Any time Mr. Santura was asked why he was not more actively pursuing this he would answer that the Judge was busy and had not had time to review it.
  12. During this time Mr. Santura left H.K.Q. and formed a partnership with Mr. Bresser. The partners were retained to finish the case and were paid tens of thousands of dollars both from Corp. and private funds.
  13. The Corp. determined it would submit a separate claim in State court against Mr. Spritzer and paid Mr. Bresser $5000 for that case. Mr. Bresser promised that this had been done, but any demands for paperwork pertaining to that case were ignored. Regardless of his having been paid, and regardless of the critical impact that case would have had on the Machne Menachem case, Mr. Bresser neglected to ever file the case he had promised and been paid for.
  14. In 2004 The Board wanted to rent the grounds to a Yeshiva. They raised this issue with Mr. Santura who drew up a contract to be used for this purpose. He also gave the Board the go ahead to rent it out without Court permission (which they later found out is against the law). As a direct result of this, the Court appointed a trustee which ultimately led to the Boards loss of the property.
  15. At several points in time reference was made to the above mentioned motion and lawsuit on the stand in Court with Mr. Santura present. At no point in time did he ever admit that those motions and the case were never filed.
  16. As a direct result of the lies, deceit, and false promises by Mr.’s Santura and Bresser, the Court accepted Mr. Spritzer’s claim and ultimately appointed a trustee over the Corp. Since then, the trustee has given ownership of the camp property over to Mr. Spritzer for the sum of $1.3 million which was given as security. Those funds were mostly distributed back to Spritzer related claims leaving the Corp. without camp grounds or money.


After Mr. Conway’s appointment as trustee in 2006 he neglected his responsibilities as a trustee for Machne Menachem (“The Corp.”). In place of working with the Corp. for the good of the Corp., Mr. Conway worked against the Corp. and refused to meet with the Board of Directors (“The Board”). He also submitted several motions against the Board of Directors which were rejected by the Court.

  1. In spite of the Board ‘s insistence that Mr. Spritzer’s children were not owed any money, and in spite of the objections filed to these payouts, Mr. Conway paid the Spritzer’s children’s claim to the tune of several hundred thousand dollars.
  2. In spite of Mr. Conway’s knowledge of the Board’s objection to Mr. Schriber’s claim, Mr. Conway paid the claim as submitted to the tune of over $100,000.
  3. Mr. Conway paid claims to creditors despite the Boards objection. Many of those claims had already been paid, and some had failed to provide proof of claim. One of those companies (Ahava) had already failed to prove its claim in court. Nevertheless, Mr. Conway paid that claim.
  4. Despite Mr. Conway’s knowledge of the fact that Mr. Spritzer was not allowed to use the Corp. funds to pay his lawyers, and despite a motion filed by the Corp. to recover the funds already taken by Mr. Spritzer to pay his lawyers, Mr. Conway paid tens of thousands of dollars more to Spritzer lawyers – against the interest of the Corp., from the Corp. money.
  5. In place of acting as a trustee and confident of the Corp., Mr. Conway conspired with Mr. Spritzer, meeting with him and discussing the case on several occasions, while refusing to acknowledge the Board.
  6. As of  Today the Board has still not received an accounting of the 1.3 million dollars in the trust. There has been no information provided by Mr. Conway on payouts, only as the Board has learned from Court proceedings. It stands that there is around $500,000 still left, which means that Mr. Conway paid out around $800,000 without the Board’s knowledge or consent.

Same Mesira!!! Different People?


Spritzer- Sandhaus-Herzog- Speilman-Mesira

On May 6, 1997, the plaintiffs, a not-for-profit Corporation and Yaakov Spritzer, filed a complaint against seven named defendants consisting of 167 paragraphs extending over 50 pages and asserting eleven claims as follows:

Yaakov Spritzer – First Amended Verified Complaint a.k.a. Mesira

Yaakov Herzog Mesira

Yisroel Sandhaus Mesira

Joseph Spielman Mesira

This went on for several years until the judge dismissed the suit and had this to say in the verdict:

“To characterize the complaint as prolix, replete with hearsay and irrelevancies, would be charitable”.

(Judge Glasser- Final Ruling Against Yankel Spritzer)

History Repeats- Fast Forward 2009:

The Shomrim Lawsuit- Verified Complaint- by Paul Huebner Hundred forty four million dollars (?)

(Have in mind, the above is not even getting in to the criminal Case, that’s a different story, perhaps for another day).
Some Background:
Following the incident at 749 Eastern Parkway where Shomrim members were ambushed and gang assaulted, the Tzfatim went to the police and filed false and trumped up charges against 6 members of Shomrim and had them arrested by the police.

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First Of Many To Come: Lies And Deceit


“The conclusion that is compelled by his testimony is that the affairs of the Corporation were conducted by Spritzer as though it was his personal fiefdom with occasional allusions to board approval at meetings which are nowhere documented and by resolutions which were adopted and action taken only because Spritzer divines that they were”.
(Judge Glasser Final Ruling Against Yaakov Spritzer)

Funny how things ended up. Even the Rightful (majority) directors and owners could not work and get paid in their own camp. Except of course for Spritzer and his family.

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After 7 Hard Years in Federal Court, Judge Leo Glasser Hands Out A Verdict Ruling Against Yankle Spritzer


The Vedict machne menachem

How this case got to Federal Court when it should have went [straight] to State Court (being a dispute in property ownership), Is all a result of Yaakov Spritzer and Friends (Spritzer, Meir Schreiber and Yossi Spalter) trying to have fellow Jews locked up with a Viscous Mesira. [If Spritzer would have started this case in state court, the issue would have been resolved almost immediately (the verdict, that all are rightful directors), Spritzer knowing this, comes up with a plan of Mesira, to force the camp away from it’s rightful owners, as you see].

For those who excuse  themselves (and send your children to “Spritzers” camp) by saying “I don’t get involved in politics”, you are going to discover that this is not simply a case of two sides disputing over a piece of property (which is meant to help you and your children in the summer months), this goes much deeper then that, Mesira to the worse degree.

In time all will be exposed, there will be no excuse of “oh, I did not know”.

Added:(March, 8th, 2009) After reading thorough stacks of material on this case, I have come to a conclusion, that in essence the only thing I would have really needed (to make a case against Spritzer) is this Verdict and PMM. Meaning: if I was to just make a site posting this Verdict, it would be enough . If you really want to get a true picture of what went on, I advice to read this verdict more then onc

Original; Judge Glassers final ruling (Click here)

For a clearer, easier to read version  (Click Here)

Read and come to your own conclusion!

יראה העם וישפוט

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The Bais Din’s Latest Psak Regarding Machne Menachem

English Translation

Wednesday 24 Adar, 5767

To R’ Spritzer and the Brothers R’ Meir and R’ Mendel Hershkop Sheyiehyu.

As there was no conclusion and Psak Din (ruling) with regard to the ownership of Machne Menachem. And there are complaints over the partnership of the above mentioned camp. We are notifying with this letter that until these complaints will be discussed and concluded by a Bais Din that deals with monetary issues on a steady basis in accordance with our holy Torah, there is no permission for anyone to open the camp (even under another name) and use it as his own. We are putting an (ikul) injunction on R’ Yaakov Spritzer not to open the camp and not register any children or hire workers for the camp until the complaints will be adjudicated at a Bais Din.

On this I sign
In the name of the Bais Din
Rabbi Yitzchak Raitport

For Hebrew…

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Staff Member Sustains 2nd and 3rd Degree Burns


fireplayA camper in camp Chayolei Hamelech (a.k.a Summer Recreation for Children Inc.) was playing with fire, when a staff member intervened (trying to take out the fire) and sustained second and third degree burns to his hand (his whole hand was burnt).

The staff member is currently in the city, he must see Dr. Rosen everyday to change his bandages.

(Source: Staff  members Grandfather)

BREAKING NEWS: Murder At Chayolei Hamelech


Murder At Chayolei Hamelech-LACKAWAXEN PA.

LACKAWAXEN TWP. –  Pennsylvania State Police at Blooming Grove have determined that a man found Wednesday night in Lackawaxen Township stabbed to death, is a victim of a homicide.

On Wednesday, July 15, 2009 at approximately 10:30 p.m. the body of an unidentified male was found in a cabin at Camp Chayoiel Hamelech, off Masthope Plank Road, Lackawaxen Twp., Pike Comity. The victim died from an apparent stab wound.

An autopsy was conducted Friday at Lehigh Valley Hospital and ruled a homicide, The victim is a 50 year old white male possibly of Eastern European descent.

The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with any information about this death is asked to call Pennsylvania State Police at (570) 226-5718.

Baroch Hashem none of our children were hurt!

CrownHeights.info Reports (click here)

UPDATE: Fatal stabbing investigation continues (click here)

UPDATE: Investigators Tight-lipped on Pike County Summer Camp Murder (click here)

UPDATE: 9-7-09: (Click Here)

UPDATE: 3-18-10: Camp Stabbing Victim Identified (Pike DA Declines Prosecution)

In the summer of 2001, there was a shooting in the camp, under Spritzers management…read all about it here…Shooting on campgrounds.

In the summer of 2002, when the camp was under Spritzers management, the caretakers house was burned to the ground by some of the other employees. They had gotten in to a fight with Spritzer over money and as a result burned the house down.

More stories to come (I have a feeling we are going to hear much more).

Exit Question: This happened two days ago (July 15, 2009), why are we only hearing about this now (for the first time  on, July 17, 2009)?

Camp legal name: Summer Recreation for Children Inc.

June 30, 2009, Chayolei Hamelech Leaving to Camp….ארור משיג גבול רעהו ואמר כל-העם אמן


Photos and Comments by Chaim Hershkop

“Did your father send you to take pictures of the empty buses?”

(Folly Spritzer to the photographer, Chaim H.)

“My father didn’t send me, but you are correct in your assertion about the empty buses” (Chaim H.)

The truth be told, I did not expect this.  Baruch Hashem there are those that still take their Yiddishkeit/Jewishness/Religion/Shulchan Aruch/Torah serious.

I thought that all hope was lost, that people just don’t care anymore about whats right or wrong, left or right, and will just do what is good for them.

Seeing these photos and the photos on COL have strengthened my desire to push forward and continue spreading the truth with more vigor. I think it is safe to say that for the first time (when it come to this case of Machne Menachem), I was wrong. People do care!

For those that did go to this stolen property – regardless of all the facts relating to this case (knowing that this case is in middle of a Din Torah, knowing that there is a Ikkul from the Bais Din on Mr. Spritzer, knowing that your check  was and  will be used to do Mesira on other Jews. Click Here) – just to save a dollar.

To them I say… ארור משיג גבול רעהו ואמר כל-העם אמן

There is a G-d in this world keeping a calculation, to him it makes no difference if you steal a blade of grass or a million dollars, you may have saves a few pesos now, but you will pay much much more later.

UPDATE 8-24-09: To see pictures of This past summer in Chayolei Hamelech (a.k.a The Kings Soldiers), Click Here, Click Here, and Click Here (or just go to Chabad.info and search Chayolei Hamelech).

UPDATE 9-7-09: The Return, 8-24-09 (Click Here)

The pictures speak for themselves

Gutnick Spritzer and Prager Read the rest of this entry »

Who Is…


…going to Chayolei Hamelech This Year?

Profile #2 Rabbi Gershon Avtzon

Rabbi Avtzon must learn to practice what he preaches!

Rabbi Avtzon must learn to practice what he preaches!

Yeshivas Lubavitch Cincinnati, under the directorship of Rabbi Gershon Avtzon, is pleased to announce that it will be returning this summer to Camp Chayolei Hamelech for the second consecutive summer. The program will be directed by Hatamim Menachem M. Friedman and the Yeshiva Staff and Shluchim. Talmidim interested in joining this special Yeshivah program should contact yeshivaskayitz@gmail.com or 347-581-7474. (chabad.info)


Last year (5768) when it became known to the rightful owners of Machne Menachem that Rabbi Avtzon was [indeed] planning use the property that belongs to Machne Menachem, Reb Meir Hershkop contacted him to inquire on who gave him  permission.

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Spritzer Didn’t “Legally” Steal the Camp, He Just Pulled A מעשה שטן

Spritzer didn't "legally" steal the camp, so what do we want from him?

Spritzer didn't "legally" steal the camp, so what do we want from him?

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New Letter/Warning from Original Directors of Machne Menachem


English Translation
Erev Pesach 5769
To Anash and the Crown Heights Community

Greetings and Blessing!

As the summer approaches and the children will go to camp or Yeshiva Kayitz, you, as parents, are busy thinking about camp and deciding which one will be best for your child.  Thank G-d there are many summer camp options to choose from.

We do not want to convince or persuade you where to send your child this summer, but rather, to make you aware of the present situation with the Camp Chayolei Hamelach which is under the management of Rutman and Spritzer and located in Lackawaxen, Pennsylvania.

For the past year, there has been a restraining order, an Ikkul, placed on Rutman and Spritzer by the Bais Din of our community.  They are not to open the camp until there will be Din Torah decision concerning the camp’s rightful owners.

In addition, Mr. Spritzer has been called over a year ago to the Bais Din Machon L’Horaya –Monsey- and has not yet agreed to come.  It is therefore clear that the restraining order, the Ikkul, is still in force upon him.  If anyone sends their child to the Camp Chayolei Hamelach, he is participating with Spritzer in the travesty.

Further more, we are reminding everyone that it is stealing, gezel, to use the property without permission from its Owners.  We do not allow anyone— a camper, counselor, or teacher, etc.—to use our property which is located in Lackawaxen, Pennsylvania, which in its time was known as Machne Menachem.

We reserve the right to eventually demand full compensation from the parents that went against the restraining order, the Ikkul, and illegally used our property (Shulchan Aruch Choshen Mishpat, Siman 363).

Signed in the name of,
The Machne Menachem Board of Directors
For the original Letter in Hebrew
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Spritzer Suing in Federal Court a.k.a Mesira


!לא תעמוד על דם רעך

You shall not stand idly by your brothers blood!

“To characterize the complaint as prolix, replete with hearsay and irrelevancies, would be charitable

Judge Leo Glasser (on the claims of Mesira)

From Parshas Machne Menachem booklet:

…“After they were informed by the bank, Spritzer and Schreiber, at the end of winter, 1997, decided to sue us in Federal court under RICO for over $2,000,000! Concocting a bunch of libels and falsehoods, they accused us of terrorizing, mail fraud and embezzlement, that Meir Hershkop had taken money for himself and tried to gain control of the camp by hiring his son-in-law as its manager.

This was a diversionary tactic to enable them to seize full control of the camp.They succeeded at first giving the judge a negative impression of us. They brought false witnesses including Joseph Spielman, Yaakov Herzog, and Yisroel Sandhaus, who all testified falsely against us in court! Spielman testified that his van had been burned and he believed it was Hershkop who did it. This testimony persuaded the judge to reopen the bank account for them and issue a restraining order against us, forbidding us to come in contact with the plaintiffs or with the camp.”

Read for yourself and come to your own conclusion!

יראה העם וישפוט

On May 6, 1997, the plaintiffs, a not-for-profit Corporation and Yaakov Spritzer, filed a complaint against seven named defendants consisting of 167 paragraphs extending over 50 pages and asserting eleven claims as follows:

First Amended Verified Complaint Click Here

Verified Complaint Click Here

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Comment of the Day!


A Chayolei Hamelech Staff  member writes:

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ולפני עיוור לא תיתן מכשול


לא תקלל חרש, ולפני עיוור לא תיתן מכשול, ויראת מאלהיך – אני ה

You shall not curse a deaf person. You shall not place a stumbling block before a blind person, and you shall fear your God. I am the Lord. (ויקרא י”ט י”ד)


On the Left: The Original Machne Menachem Logo  On the Right: Copy of Machne Menachem Logo

On the Left: The Original Machne Menachem Logo On the Right: Copy of Machne Menachem Logo

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Not My Problem!


who cares? not my problem!

I recently sent out a bunch of e-mails (with the link to this site) to many Shluchim and Mosdos, one of the responses really hit a nerve. Here it is…

Why in the world are you sending us this ridiculous politics????

My response to him and anyone thinking in the same lines.

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Spritzer: This case is not about a Camp


חבל It's a real pity the judge did not let him (Spritzers lawer) finish. I would have really liked to know what this was REALLY about! Here I was thinking this was about the children of Crown Heights!

חבל It's a real pity the judge did not let him (Spritzers lawyer) finish. I would have really liked to know what this was REALLY about! Here I was thinking this was about the children of Crown Heights!

For the rest of this Transcript Click Here
You will find the above on page eight

In this Transcript you will also find a discussion about the tapes and about a propaganda flier that went out against the Rightful Owners of Machne Menachem (this is all discussed in Parshas Machne Menachem).

Comment of the day:


Koved Harabonim (?) wrote:

When people who claim to be for Koved HaRabbonim say things in the context of…
“I know there is Public letter/Psak to the community prohibiting the use of the camp, but I asked the Rav and he said there is no problem”. etc…


The Case is still (very much) in Bankruptcy Court



Spritzer Motion Denied

What Is… (click  Bellow for link)

Summary Judgment

Anderson v. Liberty Lobby, Inc. (google it, for more information)

The Box-770


"The Box"- % Jews were arrested and charged in crimanol court over a $20 box. An arrest that was made all becuase of political presser from Yankle Spritzer and Chanina Sperlin. It end up that to begin with the box belong to the people who damaged it. The box belonged to Machne Menachem.

"The Box"- 5 Jews were arrested and charged in criminal court over a $20 box. An arrest that was made all because of political presser from Yankle Spritzer and Chanina Sperlin. It ends up that to begin with the box belonged to the people who damaged it. The box belonged to Machne Menachem.

Submitted to court, by Rabbi Meir Hershkop, May 3rd, 2001.
For the Mesira , stroll to the bottom

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Stopping Spritzer from selling the camp grounds.


we are not for sale

Although Spritzer continuously claims that he has and always had the publics best interest in his handling of the camp, many things prove this to simply not be true.

The following is one of the original directors account of how he chanced upon an attempt by Spritzer to simply sell the grounds so that he can ‘take the money and run’.

Meir Hershkop writes: 

In 1999, I myself found out through a matter of pure luck and Divine Providence, that Mr. Spritzer planned on selling the camp to the Bobov Chassidim for approximately 2 – 2.5 million dollars. I let Judge Glasser know this and gave him the proof I had that he plans on selling the camp, and Judge Glasser placed a restraining order against Mr. Spritzer, forbidding him from selling the camp.

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Where is the Proof, Where is the Evidence?




December 30, 1998
Beth Din of Crown Heights
788 Eastern Parkway
Room 210
Brooklyn, New York 11213

Attention: Rabbis Marlow, Osdoba, and Mangel

Re:       Machne Menachem v, Mendel Hershkop, et al.

United States District Court
Eastern District of New York
Case No. 97 CV 2550

Beth Din’s Refusal to Comply with Subpoena/Contempt Motion

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A History Of No Respect: Spritzer Not Listening To Rabonim


This is about Right and Wrong! Which way are you going?

Spritzer has never obeyed the Rabonim’s ruling to pay over $10,000 to Meir Kahanov, nor their ruling to pay Sholom Horowitz $5,000 or more for the brutal beating he and his sons gave him in Shul one Simchas Torah. He even disobeyed Rabonim and took his sister to court (see below, shocking). He has a record of flouting Halacha and the authority of the Rabonim!

So why is it that so many of those allegedly eager to defend the honor of the Rabonim are rallying to support someone with such a record of flouting their authority?

The rulings directing Spritzer to compensate Kahanov and Horiwtz, respectively…(Rulings which to date have not been addressed):

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