Docket Sheets: Judge Glasser 96-2003 Machne Menachem Case

UPDATE 9-7-09: Any Updates with the Murder in Camp?

Din Torah: Past, Present and Future

Spritzer has his own sister arrested

Did Rabbi Mangle take Bribery? Click Here to Find Out. יראה העם וישפוט

Spritzer didn’t “legally” steal the camp, so what do we want from him?

Spritzer: This case is not about a Camp

Chaninas Sperlin Mesira (A mesira that ending up with  an arrest of members of Anash and a two year court preceding – for more more documentation click here).

Sent in to the Machne Menachem Inbox – Urgent Protest!!!

Update: Reopening the camp- 2003

Letter: Rutman writes to Judge Glasser (if there was ever a case made to why the camp should go to Spritzer, it is in this letter)

The Box-770 (5 Jews were arrested and charged in criminal court over a $20 box. An arrest that was made all because of political presser from Yankle Spritzer and Chanina Sperlin. It ends up that to begin with the box belonged to the people who damaged it. The box belonged to Machne Menachem).


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  1. Overseas says:

    In the first line I thing you mean Rabbi Mangel not “Mengle” (who was a nazi!!)

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