Reopening the Camp – 2003


Updated June 3, 2009
For the Mailing that was sent to all residents of Crown Height Click Here

To address the question being asked by the public:

Why wasn’t the camp open for our children when the original directors got back their camp (between the years of 2003  to 2006)?

The original directors’ and owners intentions and purpose, were to insure the best camp for our children. The first year of the camp, 1995, was successful beyond all expectations. The enrollment was initially 250 children, which rose to approximately 400/500 children and it was expected to increase.

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To My Dear Friend…Greetings and Blessings [The Facts of the Matter]


This letter was written by one of the Directors  of Machne Menachem to a “concerned” resident of the Shchuna. [This director was also part of Spritzers viscous Mesira].

November 24, 1998

To my dear friend R’ Y. S;

Greeting and Blessing,

Approximately two weeks ago, you approached me in “770” and presented your concern and wish to end the long-time dispute in our neighborhood regarding Machne Menachem. You stated that you have already spoken to the “other side” and you feel that the time is right to begin negotiation. I usually do not write nevertheless, because I know you and I feel that you are a truthful person, I decided to write you my personal encounters in this important letter. A humans mind tends to possess a selective memory, consequently, the rumors and fabrications that have been circulating have surely affected you, as well as many others in the community. Through our brief correspondence from time to time, I understand that you have forgotten some major facts and therefore I will reiterate them.

Bear in mind that the following is only a taste of the big pie, however I present them to you, for the reason that, you should be aware of all the true facts and will not say “my hands did not spill this blood”

As you recall you mentioned that the “other side” is ready to make “peace”. I told you to present their proposal in writing and you stated that Mr. …. would like us to sign a written confirmation that we no longer have any claims of ownership in Camp Machne Menachem Inc. Thereupon, I quote; “ko omar Hashem- ha’ratzachta v’gom ya’rashta!!you murdered and you also want to inherit! ! (Melachim 21;19). After a few days, you once again approached [another of the camps directors] proposing the same idea, and by Divine Providence, I passed and confirmed that I have already spoken to you and since that time you haven’t presented anything in writing, therefore you are not serious about the matter.

The following are proven facts:

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Forging Piskei Dinim: It is Spritzer who continuously made a Mockery of the Bais Din


Spritzer has countless times disobeyed the Bais Din, spit in their faces and stepped all over them.  He then put them on a silver platter and gets to claim “Kovod Harabonim”.

Here is the fake Psak Din which Spritzer tried to represent to the court.

The court did not accept this as evidence (coopering it to the original), the Judge looked at it, and just let it roll out of his hand, on to the floor.

The court saw it for what it was, a fake. written by Spritzer himself. Yet, Spritzer sells to anyone that will listen stories of how it is he who is for “Kovod Harabonim”.

To note: you will not find this document in any court files (for it was totally disregarded).

Rabbi Meir & Mendel Hershkop , the founders and original directors of Machane Menachem approached Rabbi Marlow ob”m showing him the forged “Psak” and ask him, “היתכן that after the Bais Din comes out with a Psak (which was given to both parties) , they go ahead and sign a second Psak – to the liking of Spritzer – to pour salt on the wounds?” To this Rabbi Marlow replied “I don’t know to what you are referring, I never saw nor signed such a Psak”.

The “Psak” was written by Spritzers lawyer, Peretz Bronstein (without the second party even knowing about this “new” “Psak” until they came to court).

See for yourself…

יראה העם וישפוט

Go back, read the real Psak Dinnim, does this make sence?

Go back, read the real Psak Dinnim, does this make sense? a Letter written by Peretz Bronstein himself. Since when do lawyers write letters for Bais Din? Why not present to the court the real (original) Psak?

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In the News: Camp Owner Endures Racial Vandalism


Camp Owner Endures Racial Vandalism


Last week at Machne Menachem summer camp, Meir Hershkop’s assistant, Michal, prepares for the arrival of 350 children. Hershkop found numerous swastikas spray-painted at the camp when he returned on June 27.

Last week at Machne Menachem summer camp, Meir Hershkop’s assistant, Michal, prepares for the arrival of 350 children. Hershkop found numerous swastikas spray-painted at the camp when he returned on June 27.

LACKAWAXEN, PA – Meir Hershkop reached out his hand and
agreed to talk about the swastikas he found after returning to his
summer camp for children on June 27.

The 48-year-old walked by the cabin where he’s staying with his
assistant, Michal. The emblem of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party had been
sprayed in white on the cabin’s red siding. Beside the swastika the
vandal(s) had sprayed an anarchy sign.

Hershkop pointed out a swastika on a doormat, one on the window of
a storm door and one on a nearby picnic table. The word “Nazi” had
been sprayed on the table’s bench.

“Heil Hitler” had been sprayed in the grass, and the culprits had
broken into a building, stolen Hebrew Bibles, ripped out pages and
strewn them by the entrance gate to the not-for-profit camp, Machne
Menachem, which sits in a secluded 87-acre valley along the Upper
Delaware River.

Meir and Michal were busily preparing for the 350 children who would
arrive on July 7 for eight weeks of summer camp. Hershkop took a
break, stepped out of the rain under the roof of a porch and began
talking about the history of the camp.

He and his partners purchased the property in 1997. This incident,
which Hershkop described as an “accident,” is the first of its kind to
occur here, though once before some thieves broke in and stole a
charity box that contained $13.00.

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Letters to the Judge


writing to the judge machne menachem

This is just a small collection of letters and Motions sent to the court and to the Bais Din by the original directors  of Camp Machne Menachem. You will find plenty of information in these pages (They are not in order).

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Latest papers submitted to Bankruptcy Court of Pennsylvania by the Original Directors


For Text version Click Here: Motion #1 Motion #2

Motion #1


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Before and After


Spritzer takes control of the camp for the summer 0f 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002. That’s a total 0f 7 years, in those 7 years not one nail or gallon of paint was used to improve the camp. After not being on the camp grounds for six years I was shocked to not only find that not one thing was done to improve the camp grounds, bunk houses, playing fields etc…I found the place to be in total neglect.

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פרשת מחנה מנחם


Parshas Machne Menachem

PDF פרשת מחנה מנחם

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Psak Din[im] 5757/1997-5769/2008


Beth Din

יראה העם וישפוט

“After the first session, the Beth Din ruled (Erev Rosh Chodesh Tammuz, 5756-1996) that all members of the camp administration are equally “within” and that all decisions must be made by the whole committee (following the majority).” However, Spritzer and Schreiber disobeyed this Halachic Ruling, never calling Hershkop or Hartman to any meeting, and deciding everything on their own.” (from PMM booklet)
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Parshas Machane Menachem


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