Desperate Is What Desperate Does + Spritzers Appeal

Camp Chayolei Hamelech has been operating under the directorship/management of Yankle Spritzer and family (mainly Shlomie Rutman) since 2006. Spritzer and Rutman had previously mismanaged Machne Menachem between the years of 1996 till the summer of 2003.   Total years of Spritzer/Rutman operating a summer camp for the children of Crown Heights, eleven years.

You would think after all these years of  such a “successful” camp, there would be no need to advertise*. In fact one would think that by the time Purim came along, registration would be coming to a close, with a full camp of over 500 children (between the ages of 8 to 13), not including the older divisions (7th and 8th grade programs).

*We don’t see such a push of advertisement from any of the other Chabad/Crown Heights camps as we do Spritzers camp. We don’t even see the newer camps (2-3 years old) begging for campers, they seem to be doing fine.

Desperate People Do Desperate Things

The must successful camp advertising every Monday and Thursday (Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday included), begs the question of, is this camp really having any success at all?

Can anybody explain to me who could have been the brains behind this stupid and very desperate, I don’t even know what to call it, it’s not a plan, it’s not even a technique, what in the world is this? Don’t answer, it was a theoretical question, the master behind this thing, is none other then Shlomie Rutman, the best camp directer and manager in the whole wide world.

Whats the plan here, are children really expected to register to Chayolei Hamelech
because of a free hot-dog and ice cream, you kidding me? That hot-dog better be  the best I ever eat.

Besides in my Shul the kids (over 60) got free ice cream without registering to camp.
And what did Rutman say to those children that came for a hot-dog or ice cream that did not register to camp, did he send them away?

Ok, so let’s see how this hot-dog thing turned out….

Nobody push, one at a time

What we have here: The grill is off; not in operation. Rutman our main man is still wearing his hat and jacket, he’s really getting ready to work, work, and work. Half empty bottle of fake soda and more helpers then buns. This was to enticing for me, I almost registered to camp for one of those dogs.

Yes indeed it’s true, like it says on the sign, if you are indeed a first time camper you will get ONE of these delicious hot-dogs, no catch.

At some point in time  reinforcements were called in to hold back the lines.

Why they keep on coming back year after year….

Notice the abundance of goodies special for those individuals who are going to be managing almost every aspect of day to day camp. Spritzer brings out the works. We have, a third empty bottle of soda; third empty rolled up bag of chips; an empty bag of licorice; an empty bag of pretzels’; 5 cups and six people. And most importantly, notice the body language of ALL those sitting there, they just look so excited to be there. Wow, this is going to be a smashing summer.

The Best for last…

Don’t you just love the self promoting comments, there so inspiring… take a look…

What are the chances these comments were written by more than one person?

…I wish I was a kid again so I could go to Spritzers camp and get a free hot-dog and ice cream.

Oh yes before I forget…. Spritzer makes an appeal in bankruptcy court.

Spritzers Appeal (Pages 1-11)

Spritzers Appeal (Pages 12-22)

This appeal is so foolish I wont even waste my wasting time ripping it apart. All I will do in responds is direct you to Honorable Judge Glassers Final Verdict (finding of facts) and the Honorable Judge Thomas  Final Verdict (finding of facts).


3 Responses to Desperate Is What Desperate Does + Spritzers Appeal

  1. antimesira says:

    The appeal is Takka a joke.
    I understand why you wouldn’t even want to waste time bashing it.

    Spritzer is basically (get this)putting all the blame on Judge Glasser for the reason why the camp was mismanaged all the years he had it. Spritzer is blaming Glasser for the reason he took sole control of the camp.

    Kind of like a killer blaming the bullet instead of the one who pulled the trigger.

    The only way you will know what I’m talking about is if you actually read the appeal. You don’t need to read it word for word (if you want, nobody stopping you), just skim through and you’ll get what I’m saying.

  2. antimesira says:

    I just came from a BBQ and eat a good few hot-dogs and had some burgers.To finish off, for desert we had some Ice Cream (three flavors).

    How many years in camp did I have have to register for?

    Funny thing, None, ZERO.

    G-d what a joke.

    We had a good laugh about this hot-dog camp thing.

  3. If I had to reply above to this appeal using just a few lines I would borrow from Judge Glasser the following…

    The evidence established convincingly for this Court that what is alleged to be their abandonment was, instead, what I have analogized to be their constructive eviction by Spritzer.

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