Didan Notzach! Victory For Truth And Machne Menachem

יראה העם וישפוט

Spritzer must return $1.3 million that he stole from  Machne Menachem (-$76,000).

The truth [as it was always] comes out. After many years of both sides representing their case in front of a judge, the court comes out with the second verdict against Yankle the Ganev Spritzer.

The Final Order And Decision By Judge Thomas [Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Court] Click Here

For a clearer re-typed version Click Here

Read it once, read it twice, study it if you have too. You will discover where all the millions went.

Hint, not for the benefit of your children.

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Nu, So How Did Spritzer Get Hold Of The Camp?

UPDATE 3/18/10: As expected; no surprise. In another effort to waste/kill time, Spritzer Appeals the bankruptcy decision above. I could go ahead and try to explain why I think, this appeal is a waist of time and useless, but whats the point, let’s first see if the appeal will be  granted.


PLUS: Spritzer keeps on hiring lawyers and doesn`t pay them. He is now being sued for $319,194.00. by his lawyers in the Supreme court of the State of NY. Index No. 601311/07 (Click Here).

It seems Spritzer expected the above verdict and decided to cause some more trouble for the rightful directors of Machne Menachem. Spritzer saw he was going to loss, so he went to Mr. Rubin, a lawyers he had not paid, while illegally operating Machne Menachem and advised him that now MM will have money and he should demand it from MM. Another long battle to deal with. This is far from over my friends.

UPDATE 3/18/10: Thank G-d I was wrong. The case has been Disposed (Click Here). Not knowing that the court had already disposed of this case on March 10, the directors responded with THIS, on the 15th. They were advised by the clerk that there is no need for a responds. I’m sharing this with you, to demonstrate the fraud that was about to take place. 


13 Responses to Didan Notzach! Victory For Truth And Machne Menachem

  1. Camper says:

    Let me understand.

    When the Judge writes that “Yaakov Spritzer is allowed as an unsecured claim in the amount of $76.000”, does this mean that right now he is to get an additional $76.000, to what the trustee already gave him, or does it mean that to begin with $76.000 was the only amount he had coming to him.

    If it’s the latter, then what happens to the money that the trustee already gave to Spritzer, which (from what I have read) exceeds over $76.000?

  2. It’s the latter.

    I hope the directors will get themselves a good lawyer and take this till the end.
    If they sleep, they will loss again.
    The Rosha does not sleep.

  3. antimesira says:

    From what I’m getting and correct me if I’m wrong….

    Spritzer lied to the Federal Government.
    A big no no.

    The whole thing with that lawyer demanding money from Machene Menachem, is a sham/scam One of the claims he makes is $160 something, for reading Judge Glassers verdict. If hes a lawyer and a read the verdict, then he should have known that Spritzer had no right to hire him in the first place. How can he now demand money for MM when he was tectonically (acc. to Verdict) never working for MM, but working for Yaakov Spritzer or Yankle Spritzer or whatever other name Spritzer put himself down as.

  4. DG says:

    [Note: I had to bring this comment here from CHNews. The person who wrote this comment would never have the guts nor the courage to write what he wrote on this site, a site that presents the facts. I decided to bring this comment here to show the stupidity and propaganda. I’m not afraid to show the other side, especially when it comes in the form of the comment below, As you have seen quit frequently on this site the saying יראה העם וישפוט, the people will see and judge. I believe in people ability to see the facts and come to their own conclusion. Besides having a little fun with what he wrote, I will not be replying directly to any of his propaganda, for all the actual facts/prove/documents etc… have already been addressed on the site.]
    UPDATE 3/12/10: I decided to reply to the propaganda after all. What I’m going to do, is just add links in the comment bellow, pointing you to the direction of where I had addressed these issues in the past.

    baloney…. again you go ahead with baloney stories… did you read the verdict?! it has nothing to do with the ownership of the camp at all….

    the case in short is like this:
    Yankel Spritzer (after being given the Nihul thru the CH Beis Din) was being harrased by the Heshkop’s.
    After they froze his accounts, he filed on them a RICO case (used for anyone who feels threatened by someone else… look it up). After the case, the judge ruled the accounts are to be reopen.
    during this time, spritzer filed for bankruptcy (as the camp was in a major deficit).
    Being the case was already in court, the Hershkops used the chance to oust spritzer from being one of the directors (against the CH BD), thereby kicking him out of the whole story.
    After Hershkop got the camp to themselves, the judge requested them to take the case out of bankruptcy court, as this will help them in the future AND THEY DISAGREED.
    obviously, Spritzer tried many ways to get it back, but nothing doing.
    Hershkop’s had the camp for many years, with nothing really happening (tried to make a camp, but the BD didn’t let, so he rented it out to other people).
    After a while, hershkop could not come up with a plan to save the camp from the bankruptcy court, so Spritzer came along with a plan, where he would pay CASH 1,000,000 for the camp, and that will repay for money and loans to him for all the years he was in charge.
    That’s how he bought the camp from the trustee, and now it is his FOR GOOD, under a new name. Fully legal.
    Th case at hand is about spritzer getting back the money he laid out for the camp. There was close to a half a million at stake, and he was awarded only a small amount of his (as the court – as you can read in the verdict – only verified a couple of them).
    That’s the story. No didan Nothzach on the camp… just that the hershkops might be awarded (if sprizter doesn’t appeal) with money which came out of Yankel Spritzers pocket.

  5. To DG says:

    Can I just print what you wrote and fax it to the Beth Yosef Bais din?
    It’s so clear cut, how did you do it in a few short lines, wow, 12 years in about 30 lines, you should be a lawyer. MachneMenachem.com should shut down, I mean, how can you compete with this?

  6. chaim says:

    DG wrote:

    “baloney…. again you go ahead with baloney stories… did you read the verdict?! it has nothing to do with the ownership of the camp at all….”

    Omm, excuse me sir. Have you read the post above, have you read the post on Machnemenachem.com, where does anybody claim that we are talking about “the ownership of the camp”.
    It is very highly likely that you my friend did not read the verdict (you didn’t even read the short post above). All your doing, is repeating the usual talking points you were given, it’s called propaganda, which has nothing to do with the facts.

  7. Chaim. H says:

    To DG:
    If what your saying is true then…
    Why Spritzer avoiding a Din Torah, if hes so right?
    Why not make the claims DG makes in front of a Bais Din?

    What is DG anyways?
    Der Gavev?
    Dead Ganev?
    Deceiving Ganev/Gangster?
    Devastated Ganev?
    Is it short for DoG?
    Or maybe dumb Guy?

  8. appeal says:

    DG wrote:
    “That’s the story. No didan Nothzach on the camp… just that the hershkops might be awarded (if sprizter doesn’t appeal)”

    No doubt Spritzer is going to try to appeal.
    He tried to appeal after judge Glassrs Decision.
    Click Here

    He can try, but remember this verdict was not written over night, it was written in the course of about ten mouths and is mostly based on Judge Glassers findings of facts.
    I also have to doubt that Spritzer the Ganev will do all he can to cause any trouble for the directors of MM. Thats why I hope this time, the directors lawyer up and go on the offensive.

    Word in the street is, that Yankle Spritzer is already telling people that he will have Meir Hershkop put in jail.This would be his third attempt if not fourth, I lost count already.

  9. antimesira says:

    “I’m sharing this with you, to demonstrate the fraud that was about to take place.”

    It goes without saying that this is all Spritzers head.
    He wasn’t planing to pay but saw an opportunity for somebody else to pay, he tried and thank g-d failed.

    It’s time Spritzer counts his loses (after causing so much pain and suffering to others), fold up his tail and go reflect. No, don’t reflect how to do more harm, reflect and repent.

  10. Zalman says:

    From speaking to the Spritzers and co. I was so sure that they won the camp, after all that is the impression they gave..
    Reading the verdict above thats obviously not the case. It seems that Spritzer had to pay big bucks for the camp and big bucks he’s about to loss.

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