Yankle Spritzer writes to Chabad.info

The “no comments” policy is definitely a most positive improvement. The comments were (sadly) many times used to express negative sentiments. Although the editor of each website has the option of deleting negative comments, nevertheless “certain” websites thrive on these very negative comments. I would like to see the Rabbonim enforce the “no comments” rule on all websites serving the Lubavitch community throughout the world. It will greatly reduce a lot of “sinas chinom” and “machloikes” and perhaps even put the websites who thrive on the negative out of business. This should have been done long ago.

Yankle Spritzer

How about not stealing?
How about listening to Rabbonim yourself for once in your life?
How about that long awaited Din Torah?

The Mossier and Ganev Yankle Spritzer is worried about the Rabbonim all of a sudden and hes really worried about comments and the “other certain sites” that carry them, thats whats bothering him. Why is that, perhaps because they expose all you mossrim for who you really are?

An animal that takes Jews to court on viscous messiras time after time and even has his only sister put in to hand cuffs is worried about “sinas chinom” and “machloikes”?


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