Letter to Rabbi Schwei By Hershkop Family


On 5 Kislev the following letter was sent to Rabbi Schwei informing him about the current situation with the Mesira on Six of our community members who volunteer in Shomrim Chesed organization. In this letter Rabbi Schwei is being informed of how many are misusing his name (in a public way) to justify this vicious Messira (a modern day blood libel), he is asked many questions about his said involvement. upen receiving this letter, Rabbi Schwei promised a full response by the following Shabbos  (11 Kislev- November 28). Shabbos has come and gone and no responds.

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5 Kislev 5770 (November 22, 2009)

Dear Rabbi Schwei:

You are most certainly aware of the fact that there is a court case going on in secular court, and you have stated clearly that it is forbidden to do so without explicit permission from a competent Rav.

Recently a flier was distributed to all the homes in Crown Heights, it was sent from our opponents who claim to speak on your behalf (they also posted it on the official website of your followers called Chabad.info).  In the flier they claim that you, Rav Schwei and Rav Osdoba gave them permission to take us to court. Rav Osdoba immediately issued a public letter in which he completely denies such claims, and he stated that he never gave them permission to go to court, and that those who went to court are evil people who have no share in the world to come.

It is obvious that this court case causes a tremendous violation of Hashem’s name.
Everyday, for the last three weeks G-d’s names is desecrated and the name of Lubavitch has been dragged down to the gutter.

The court appointed a jury of non-Jews and they are hearing and seeing on a daily basis how Chasidic Jews are fighting amongst themselves. They are hearing about all the garbage that goes on in Crown Heights replete with lies and incitement against Jews, etc. All this is done in your name and the name of your Beth Din who purportedly permitted them to go to court. They even publicized this claim that you gave them this permission in a letter to the entire community (and through their website to the entire world).

So our question to you is: Is it true that you gave them permission to go to court?! And if so, when and where did you properly investigate this matter before you issued such a ruling?!

In reality you refused to get involved and refused to hear the other side claiming that you don’t have the power or the manpower to get involved! And if in truth you didn’t give permission to go to court then why aren’t you issuing a letter against those who are spreading lies in your name? And if for whatever reason you are unable to publicly deny their claim that you gave permission (for unfortunate reasons of politics, etc.), then on you the Chachamim said “since you are silent you must agree with it.”

Did you know that they are attempting to put 6 Jews in prison?! Did you know that four of them are family men and fathers of children?!
Do you know that these defendants are unable to work for the last three weeks?
Do you remember the good old fashioned government appointed Rabbonim in the dark days of Russia of old?!
Do you take responsibility for these horrendous Mesira and government informers?!

Haven’t we suffered enough from the Mesira’s against the Rubashkin family, heaven forbid? Which, by the way, your people are part of the gang that ratted on Moshe Rubashkin and had him sent to prison, and they also attempted to inform on Rav Moshe Bogomilsky.

Our sages already commented: “from evil people evil comes forth” and “one transgression leads to another transgression.”

P.S. If it is true that this abomination was approved by you then you are destined to pay for it in this world and the world to come.

We wish to remind you (since your memory fails you to remember if you gave permission….) the words of the Rambam in the laws of Sanhedrin: “it is forbidden for a judge to hear one side of the litigants before the other one is present or in his absence and even one word is forbidden  (to listen to) as it says you must listen to your brothers (plural). And if (a judge) hears only one side he transgressed a Torah violation as it says you should not bear vain claims which includes a warning to one who accepts evil talk (loshon hora) and one who says loshon hora and one who testifies falsely (as we see everyday in court).

Rambam Sanhedrin 23, 8: “forever a judge should feel as if a sword is applied to his neck and the gates of hell are open beneath him and he should know whom he is judging and in front of whom he is judging and who will ultimately make him pay (for his ruling) if he deviates from the truth as it says G-d stands among a community of G-d, etc.”

Rambam Sanhedrin 23,9: “every judge who doesn’t rule according to the ultimate truth causes the Shechina (G-d’s presence) to withdraw its presence from amongst the Jews and every judge who takes from one and gives to the other unjustly against Halacha, G-d collects from him lives … And every judge who rules according to the truth even for one hour he is considered as if he corrected the entire world and he causes the Shechina (G-d’s presence) to dwell amongst the Jewish people as it says, G-d stands amongst the community of G-d.”

I suppose that on you it is said: “I said that you are G-dly and that you are sons of man, indeed like man…., etc.”
“Arise G-d judge this world – Pursue Justice!”

Suffering over the public desecration of G-d’s name.
Where there is desecration of G-d’s name you don’t give honor to….

A United Hershkop Family