BREAKING NEWS: Murder At Chayolei Hamelech

Murder At Chayolei Hamelech-LACKAWAXEN PA.

LACKAWAXEN TWP. –  Pennsylvania State Police at Blooming Grove have determined that a man found Wednesday night in Lackawaxen Township stabbed to death, is a victim of a homicide.

On Wednesday, July 15, 2009 at approximately 10:30 p.m. the body of an unidentified male was found in a cabin at Camp Chayoiel Hamelech, off Masthope Plank Road, Lackawaxen Twp., Pike Comity. The victim died from an apparent stab wound.

An autopsy was conducted Friday at Lehigh Valley Hospital and ruled a homicide, The victim is a 50 year old white male possibly of Eastern European descent.

The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with any information about this death is asked to call Pennsylvania State Police at (570) 226-5718.

Baroch Hashem none of our children were hurt! Reports (click here)

UPDATE: Fatal stabbing investigation continues (click here)

UPDATE: Investigators Tight-lipped on Pike County Summer Camp Murder (click here)

UPDATE: 9-7-09: (Click Here)

UPDATE: 3-18-10: Camp Stabbing Victim Identified (Pike DA Declines Prosecution)

In the summer of 2001, there was a shooting in the camp, under Spritzers management…read all about it here…Shooting on campgrounds.

In the summer of 2002, when the camp was under Spritzers management, the caretakers house was burned to the ground by some of the other employees. They had gotten in to a fight with Spritzer over money and as a result burned the house down.

More stories to come (I have a feeling we are going to hear much more).

Exit Question: This happened two days ago (July 15, 2009), why are we only hearing about this now (for the first time  on, July 17, 2009)?

Camp legal name: Summer Recreation for Children Inc.


23 Responses to BREAKING NEWS: Murder At Chayolei Hamelech

  1. I just realized the news piece above says nothing about an arrest. That is to say that there might still be a murderer on campgrounds.

    Somebody killed this guy on campgrounds, its either a fellow employee or somebody near by. Either way I would not want to be there.

  2. Concerned says:

    Why didnt anybody notify us when it happed to reassure the public that everyones safe.

    What type of responsibility is this?

  3. parent says:

    the word is that another worker got drunk, got in to a fight and killed his friend.

  4. Morgana says:

    How does someone ‘unidentified’ show up at a camp and be stabbed to death? SOMEONE knows who this man is .. and why he is dead..

  5. Camper says:

    this camp seems to be constantly upgrading from Tornadoes, pipe bombs, to shooting, to bunks falling and now a killing!

    Seems like all the miracles happen in Spritzers camp.

  6. scary says:

    don’t they have a record on all the staff, i hope they don’t just take anyone off the streets. just see who’s missing an get him.

    I don’t understand how something like this went unnoticed, can anybody just walk on to camp property?

  7. former camper says:

    can this camp ever get in the headlines for something good?

  8. 'Unidentified male' says:

    For me the issue is not how this happened, Im sure we all can agree that you can’t really control these things.

    What does disturb and and should everybody else is the fact that this camp employed people who are ‘unidentified’, that is stupid ans irresponsible (any way you look at it), and must of all put ALL OUR children at risk.
    There is also the fact that the two suspects in the case are also ‘unidentified’ and are still running loose.

    Any responsible institution would have a folder on each of its employees (even the Jewish one, Yes, even the Bochrim etc…), with photo ID and finger printing etc…
    Thank g-d nobody from our children was hurt, but thinking of the possibility makes me sick.

  9. CHER says:

    amazing how they (the spritzer and friends) always find away (or try to find away) to make it about somebody else. Again they try to distract you and me with “the Hershkops”.
    When somebody throws a Bench in 770 on another, it becomes “Kirinsky”.
    When shmira beats up some goy for no reason, it becomes “shomrim”.

    Anything too distract from the issue at hand.
    It’s not the first time and it wont be the last.
    Last night I was discussing it with a friend and this is what I wrote him… “I am not a Novi, but only learn from the past, watch how they are going to make this about Hershkop”. I was right.

    Can someone explain to me and all of us, how the hell does Hershkop have to do with the fact that some goy got killed in a camp under Spritzers management?.
    Can someone explain how it is Hershkops problem that the workers were not checked out before (with Id and all)?
    Can anybody explain to me how it is Hershkops fault that Spritzer can’t run a camp?

    Those who complain do not cause the problems, they just expose them!

  10. 'everybody' that knows says:

    HELLO! Although YOU might not be aware – there is something called a THE COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA DEPT. of HEALTH AND SAFETY that licenses and certfies camps and similar programs. You ABSOLUTELY AND POSITIVELY cannot run a camp, either residential or day, without a license from the aforementioned agency that oversees the certfication of camps. {There are not only hefty fines for violations not corrected, there is ALSO jail time for criminal charges relating to “endangering the welfare of minors”.} Part of the licensing procedure, among a lot of other things are BACKROUND checks on employees of the camp. A camp (any camp) must show written proof that ALL elements of the licensure requirements were fulfilled – and if not, then the state of PA would shut down the camp in a second! To sum up – DU VAIST KADUCHES about the licensure, certification & operation of camps. period. Thank you.

  11. To: ‘everybody’ that knows

    Then explain how it is that Spritzer is getting away with saying he has 250 campers for the lunch program.
    When its a matter of fact, that he hardly has 100 human being on camp grounds, including Avtzons Yeshiva and all the other staff?

    The fact that Spritzer got away (for the many years he had the camp), with various inspections doesn’t say a thing.

    The manner in which this camp was found after 7 years of Spritzer ruling it (1996-2003) is disgraceful! Ghetto Warsaw was left in better condition. I would revere you do my post Before and After and Severe Health and Safety violations in Spritzer’s operation of Camp.

    Again I will remind you. Whether Spritzer runs a good camp or not, is not the real issue here, as far as I’m concerned he can run a five star hotel. It is still NOT his camp! Any other argument is superficial. [Yet, the news must be reported].

  12. Camper says:

    The trouble makers and haters (those guys that live off old propaganda and hate), are trying and failing to distract the people away from the main issue here. This is their usual tactic, they think people are stupid.
    Some how they are trying to blame others for what has happened last Wednesday night in Spritzers camp.
    How pathetic and stupid.
    What do they take us to be?

  13. To Camper:

    Who cares, they are irrelevant.

  14. Flabergasted says:

    If only people like, hershkop, and anybody who disagrees with us would SHUT UP! all will be good.

    If they would not be out there reporting the facts then we would be free to do what we want, we must SHUT THEM UP!

    Anybody who dares to disagree with our way, must be SHUT DOWN!

    I can’t Believe people are using their freedom of speech to say what they want, we can’t let them get away with this!

    We must bring back the fairness doctrine and shut them up once and for all!


  15. machanemenachem says:

    Fatal stabbing investigation continues

    Lackawaxen Township, Pike County, Pa. –

    State police are continuing an investigation into a fatal stabbing at a camp in Lackawaxen Township, Pike County last Wednesday.
    The body of a 50-year old white male, possibly of Eastern European descent, was found in a cabin at Camp Chayoiel Hamelech at approximately 10:30 p.m., July 15, state police report.
    The victim, whose name has not been released, apparently died from a stab wound.
    State police could not provide much details at this time, such as if there are any suspects, beyond a statement issued to the press on the day of the crime.
    “I can’t give anything out right now,” said state trooper Mike Mulvey, of the Blooming Grove-Pike Count barracks, in a phone interview with The Wayne Independent on Tuesday.
    The investigation is still underway, and police will provide more details to the public in “a day or two,” he said.
    An autopsy conducted at Lehigh Valley Hospital ruled the stabbing as homicide.

  16. concerned parent says:

    Basically this camp Chayolei Hamelech or better yet, Summer Recreation for Children Inc, employed complete strangers of the street putting our children in complete danger.

    They have no suspects because the other two employees that were there with the dead guy disappeared. Now nobody has any information on them. This is irresponsibility to the greatest decree.
    I’m trying to imagine a person like this walking the halls of our children halls (in Yeshiva or wherever). It makes me sick in the stomach.

  17. Just another Rumor says:

    Another rumor is going around that Mr. Rutman the camp director waited about 48 hours (after they found the dead guy) before calling the police.
    That might explain why we (all) only heard about this on Friday (when this incident happened Wednesday).

  18. CampMom says:

    Does anyone know if the suspects were actually caught are truly still in custody? They found my son’s stolen wallet and cell phone in the suspects’ belongings. I wonder if they do criminal background checks on the staff they hire? I hope so.

  19. mendel says:

    thi camp has well over one hundred kids and the stabbing happened to a janitor and the care taker in parksville pointed a gun at me once so dont try so bs the world

  20. Wow, those Hot dogs must have been good.

    Why do you think by saying “the camp has well over one hundred kids” your in some way complimenting the camp in any way?

    Stay tuned for my next post ‘Desperate is what Desperate does’.
    Where YOU show me that you don’t have to many kids in camp.

  21. Chaim H. says:

    “the camp has well over one hundred kids”

    They can have over 700 kids, so what, what would that prove?

  22. john smith says:

    you could say all you want the bes din ruled that the camp belongs to the spritzers and no amount of talking will make it otherwise

  23. please scan and forward this ruling to me.
    Thank you!

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