ולפני עיוור לא תיתן מכשול

לא תקלל חרש, ולפני עיוור לא תיתן מכשול, ויראת מאלהיך – אני ה

You shall not curse a deaf person. You shall not place a stumbling block before a blind person, and you shall fear your God. I am the Lord. (ויקרא י”ט י”ד)


On the Left: The Original Machne Menachem Logo  On the Right: Copy of Machne Menachem Logo

On the Left: The Original Machne Menachem Logo On the Right: Copy of Machne Menachem Logo

I had this post in ‘draft’ for quiet a while, I did not find it so important to post until now. Thinking of it as a Klay’ner Zach (small thing/issue). The reason I am posting this now is because this past Shabbos, one of the Misspallim in my Shul mentioned to me, and I quote… “the web site and the signs being put up is great, but why are you using their -Chayolei Hamelech – Logo”?

Really? Here I was thinking the opposite. I guess it must be true… “A Humans mind tends to posses a selective memory”.

Why copy the logo?

The obvious! To fool people (who before this web site)  had/have no idea of what’s going on. To give these people the impression that he –Spritzer- did indeed “WIN” back the camp. Spritzer paid 1.5 million dollars in bankruptcy court just so he can say he “won” the camp. But we all know (at least, now we know), that is not the case. Spritzer did not win the Camp Machne Menachem (the camp in question, the camp he stole), he swindled it, used the system to take it from its rightful owners.

Were already on the subject, so I might as well…
Notice how the חת”ת displayed on the Machne Menachem Logo, has disappeared from the copy logo of   Chayolei Hamelech, the “place were the Rebbe Lives”!(?). What is it replaced with, a baseball-glove! (?), notice how there is not even a tiny simple of anything Ruchneyas (spirituality).
Even, even the ‘Yechi’ has shrunk in size!

Another desertion of the truth…
Bais Moshiach (magazine) lying about whether Chayolei Hamelech has any connection to Machne Menachem.

Why would they have to lie about that? Because even they know, that if there is indeed a connection (which we know there is), there will be a problem going to that camp.

From: moshe sahler [mailto:mosheach2@…]
Sent: Sunday, May 27, 2007 1:18 AM
To: webmaster@…
Subject: summer camps

Due  to  the  continuing  beis  din  judgment  of  Machne  Menachem’s
ownership, which  overnight  camps  with meshichist  sentiments  are
out  there  for  boys?
I  am  not  from  Crown  Heights  so  I  am  not
informed  well  about  this  information. My  same  question  would  apply
to  Yeshiva Kayitz  level  for  teenage  boys  as  well. Any  answer  soon  is  appreciated.
Moshe  Sahler

Bais Moshiach Responds:
To Moshe Sahler
There are a number of camps which allow free expression to children
who believe in the Rebbe. However, recently a new camp opened called
Camp Chayolei Hamelech
. This camp is primarily for boys thru the
eigth grade. You can receive information about this camp by logging
into http://www.xxx.com. I understand that a couple of hundred
Lubavitcher children have registered their boys in this camp for the
upcoming summer. This camp is not affiliated in any way with the
former Machne Menachem camp
. I don’t know which camps still have
space available for Mesivta age. If you still have any questions
perhaps you should direct them to the administration of Camp
Chayolei Hamelech, they can probably help you.


More to come….


27 Responses to ולפני עיוור לא תיתן מכשול

  1. machanemenachem says:

    Also Notice how the Yechi completely disappeared from their advertisements.

    Is this another way of trying to fool people?

    [my fellow Jews, this story with the camp (the stealing and mesira etc…) has nothing to do with “mishichist” or not, so lets not make it about that. To give an excuse that your going to this camp because it’s “mishichist” (and has a “Koch in Moshiach”) is just plain dishonest and foolish Etc… V’dal. Actions speak louder then words, how can you be Mechanich- educate- your children in such a place, how can you say you are teaching your children about moshiach in a place that was stolen etc…].

  2. Camper says:

    Same logo, check
    Same Camp grounds, Check
    Same manager (Rutman), Check.

    Yet, I still insist, Chayolei Hamelech has nothing to do with Machne Menachem.
    What would give that away?!

  3. I sent an e-mail to chayoleiforever@gmail.com (the Chayolei Hamelech e-mail address) with the Warning letter and letters from the Crown Heights Bais Din (prohibiting anybody from using the camp grounds etc…).
    This was their responds… (remember: this is the camp “where the Rebbe lives”)

    from: Chayolei Hamelech
    to: machne menachem
    date: Wed, May 13, 2009 at 11:28 PM
    subject: Re: Warning Letter! (Don’t say you Didn’t Know!)
    mailed-by: gmail.com

    Follow up message

    CCH Main Office
    319 Kingston Ave.
    Brooklyn, NY 11213

    Very mature, appropriate,intellectual and must of all a good example/Chinuch (education) for our Children, don’t you agree?

  4. Come to think about it, this attitude is nothing new to the Spritzers…

    They said the same thing to Yerachmiel Andrusier when they stole his store on Kingston.

    They said the same thing to Ms.Stalik when they had her in hand cuffs.

    They said the same thing to Binyomin Althaus.
    Yankle Spritzer beat him up in front of the Rebbe over a Safer Torah.

    They said the same to Mair Kahanov when they didn’t pay him.

    They said the same to Sholom Horowitz when they gave him a vicious beating.

    They said the same thing when they stole from MeWho Yehudi.

    They said the same thing when they ripped off Tzach.

    They said the same thing when they ripped off Machne Yisroel.

    They said the same thing when they ripped off Kaporos.

    They say this every morning to their neighbors at 445 Empire Blvd, when they double park and block cars in.

    They said the same thing to The crown Heights Bais Din. They said this to Rabbi Marlow, they are saying this to Rabbi Osdoba right now.
    They will say this (if not already) to Rabbi Schwei when his propose runs out.

    So its surprise that they say this now.
    What other responds can you expect from a Mossier and Ganev?

  5. As far as i know says:

    The email address of Chayolei Hamelech is info@chayol.com, not chayoleiforever@gmail.com

  6. This was the responds I received…

    from: Chayolei Hamelech
    reply-to: chayoleiforever@gmail.com
    to: machne menachem
    date: Fri, May 15, 2009 at 12:04 AM
    subject: Re: Warning Letter! (Don’t say you Didn’t Know!)
    mailed-by: gmail.com
    signed-by: gmail.com

    It’s very funny that you jump on this even though you constantly write thoughtless, baseless and absolutely insensitive remarks on your website/s. Your desire to perpetuate these conflicts leaves you as nothing but a ba’al machlokes worthy of admonishment.

    To be sure I AM NOT A CHAYOLEI STAFF MEMBER, NOR DO I WORK FOR THE SPRITZERS OR RUTMANS. My email address is just that because I used it for certain projects when I was there as a camper. So don’t get all excited quoting Spritzer and Rutman when it is just me!

    Once I’m mentioning it, please stop sending me your despicable emails…

    Sent on the Now Network™ from my Sprint® BlackBerry

  7. החיים והמות ביד הלשון
    You said what you said; there is no taking it back. It is obvious that you regret what you did and now trying to cover your tracks. Well my friend, it’s too late; what’s done is done.

    You Write:

    It’s very funny that you jump on this even though you constantly write thoughtless, baseless and absolutely insensitive remarks on your website/s.

    What you are trying to do is the common liberal responds. Instead of dealing with the facts you instead choose to attack me by calling me a hater and a trouble maker etc… these tactics (of propaganda) are old, they may have worked 10-15 years ago, but not anymore.
    To quote Robert Spencer: “They say that I am a well-known purveyor of hate… with a history of false and defamatory statement…but they do not manage to quote any…this is a common tactic… instructive lesson in bully-boy tactics…that is, to accuse every critic of purveying hatred and bigotry… everyone, no matter what… I am not intimidated…”

    Besides, all you’re really doing now is repeating your initial responds, only now you are wording it in a “politically correct” manner. You first respond was your true knee jerk reaction of what you really think.

    You Write:

    To be sure I AM NOT A CHAYOLEI STAFF MEMBER, NOR DO I WORK FOR THE SPRITZERS OR RUTMANS. My email address is just that because I used it for certain projects when I was there as a camper.

    Really now, then whats this (this is from just a few days ago)?

    “In this issue, the eighth of this volume, the camper relives the camp experience while gaining a perspective on the special days we are now in, Lag Baomer, Sefira and Shavous.
    The Chayolei Hamelech Keep-in-Touch Initiative was founded by caring staff on their own accord and is funded by donors like yourself.
    To help to this cause, which benefits all residents of Crown Heights, please call 718-221-0770 or email chayoleiforever@gmail.com.”

    Please, don’t insult my intelligence!

    I always knew that the liberals/mishiachist parties disown/destroy anybody who strays off the agenda or simply messes up (they never ever take any responsibility). They simply make as if he never ever existed. But this, this is new to me, self destruction? This I haven’t seen yet. We learn new things every day.
    I’m not convinced or fooled.
    Notice how the Obama administration does the same thing. Every time they make a mistake, somebody always ends up either getting fired or resigning, never do you find them admitting that they messed up. Always blame somebody (a no name) else.

  8. from: Chayolei Hamelech
    to: machne menachem

    Your desire to perpetuate these conflicts leaves you as nothing but a ba’al machlokes worthy of admonishment.

    Your desire to perpetuate these conflicts

    per⋅pet⋅u⋅ate, per·pet·u·at·ed, per·pet·u·at·ing, per·pet·u·ates
    1. to preserve from extinction or oblivion: to perpetuate one’s name.
    2. save, maintain, sustain.
    3. To cause to continue indefinitely; make perpetual.
    4. To prolong the existence of; cause to be remembered: The new library will perpetuate its founder’s great love of learning.

    You better believe I’m perpetuating! the only one who would really benefit from this thing going away (forgotten) is Spritzer. The whole point of this web site is that what Spritzer did should not be forgotten etc…

    you as nothing but a ba’al machlokes

    Why, because I am writing the truth? Did you read my post ‘Not my problem’?
    Who decided that this is a ‘machlokes’, if somebody steals your father house or car and your father does everything he can to get it back, is that also a ‘machlokes’?
    Besides, all I’m doing is reporting the facts (as it happened), I did not create this “machlokes”, it’s obvious who is indeed responsible for all this (hint: not me and not the people trying to defend whats rightfully theirs).

    It’s also funny that you have such harsh words for myself, when my only crime was to report. I just wonder what thoughts you may have to the person who actually committed these crimes (stealing, mesira etc…)!

    Bottom line, you have nothing of substance to say so you naturally resorted to this!

  9. Chayolei Hamelech says:

    from: Chayolei Hamelech
    reply-to: chayoleiforever@gmail.com
    to: machne menachem
    date: Sun, May 17, 2009 at 5:41 PM
    subject Re: החיים והמות ביד הלשון
    mailed-by: gmail.com
    signed-by: gmail.com

    Follow up message
    You are a total wacko and need to get a job urgently!

    I did say facts while you never write any facts, let alone PROOF, to justify any of the accusations you make.

    Don’t bother quoting me any writers. What they say is perfectly true, but that doesn’t mean that every person who vents senseless hatred has good reason…

    You are seemingly a very talented person (no sarcasm intended). Why don’t you spend your time on something productive and make the world a better place instead of trying to destroy it while bringing yourself down too!

    Do you really care about the Rebbe?
    Ask yourself that question honestly and tell me that what you do is leshem shamayim!

    Have a good day…

    I intend not to respond to you anymore (except with that link!)


    Sent on the Now Network™ from my Sprint® BlackBerry

  10. antimesira says:

    Chayolei Hamelech Wrote:

    I did say facts while you never write any facts, let alone PROOF, to justify any of the accusations you make.

    We are all reading what you wrote, besides making a disgusting comment (KIT) you said nothing.

    Chayolei Hamelech Wrote:

    Do you really care about the Rebbe?
    Ask yourself that question honestly and tell me that what you do is leshem shamayim!

    The real question goes back to you, how can you sit in an office of a person who did in fact do all the things reported on this web site?
    This person- spritzer stole a property.
    This person spritzer never listened to the Rabbonim.
    This person Spritzer took other Yidden to court (against the Rabbonims wishes)and made a vicious mesira.
    This person spritzer is responsible for Chillul Hashem after Chillul Hashem.

    Yet, the individual whos behind this site is the bad guy, did we miss something? explain yourself!
    I would also like to know what is your definition of facts and proof?
    It’s also funny how a person who sends a disgusting e-mail (one that a Russian drunk might say, with pride, all of a sudden becomes all righteous and holy and starts caring about what the “Rebbe” thinks (!?). Where does that come from?

  11. Pure Nachas says:

    So what if my son comes back from Chayolei Hamelech saying things like K.I.T. and ימח שמכם, at least he will also be saying יחי and have a great Koch in Moshiach!

    they will also teach him to write on top each hate letter ‘B”H’ and after wishing a person to death they will teach him to sign out with
    בשורות טובות
    יחי אדוננו מורנו ורבינו מלך המשיח לעולם ועד

  12. yul770@gmail.com יודיק ליפש says:

    The following e-mail was sent to me from a long time staff member of Chayolei Hamelech:

    from: יוסף יהודה ליפש
    to: machnemenachem@gmail.com
    date: Wed, May 20, 2009 at 10:43 AM
    subject: משיח
    mailed-by: gmail.com


    ימח שמכם, יתמו חוטאים, שה’ ישלח לכם רפו”ש תומ”י.

    לאור מייל זה ששלחתם מקבל אני על עצמי להשפיע על עשר!! ילדים ללכת ל”חיילי המלך”.

    בשורות טובות

    יחי אדוננו מורנו ורבינו מלך המשיח לעולם ועד

  13. haha.... says:

    What the…?! is that how intlectual you really are?! since when is Yudik Lipsh a “long time staff member of chayolei hamelech”
    I’ve been a staff member to the camp for the past year, and Yudik Lipsh hasn’t been there ever!

    By the way, what email did you send him, and what do you have to do with him?

  14. Chayolei Staff Member says:

    I’ve been a staff member in Chayolei since it’s founding, and I’ve never heard of this יודיק ליפש guy!
    So there you go, making up more “facts”.

  15. Shliach says:

    Heres another Scam, I received this a few days ago.
    They must be very very desperate.

    From: director
    Date: May 19, 2009 12:48:53 PM EDT

    Subject: Summer camp scholarship for Shluchim

    Dear Shliach שי’

    I hope this letter finds you and your family in good health.

    It’s difficult to ignore the current economic crisis which has taken its toll on every single one of us. Shluchim are not immune to this phenomenon and many are struggling to cover their budget.

    In addition to all these worries, Shluchim have to put aside money to send their son(s) to camp for the upcoming summer. Camp is no cheap deal and many feel they have nowhere to turn.

    Camp Chayolei Hamelech, with eleven years of experience, is one of the most successful camps in America serving the Lubavitch community. Our magnificent campgrounds, well-equipped sporting facilities, with our dedicated and professional staff will provide a unique Chassidishe atmosphere blended with uncompromising fun and adventure, guaranteeing your child will benefit both b’gashmiyus and b’ruchniyus.

    Camp Chayolei Hamelech would like to assist the Shluchim in these difficult financial times and are offering the Shluchim a special rate for their son(s) for the upcoming summer.

    For more information please call 718-XXX-XXXX. All calls will remain confidential.

    Rabbi Shloime Rutman

  16. Resident says:

    Spritzer is so desperate he (yankle) with all his glory is calling parents and trying to convince them to come to his camp. He is even going as far as to suggest they leave the camp they are already registered in.

    I was told by a friend that Spritzer came to his house and sat there for over an hour trying to convince his parents to send his younger bothers.

    The man is going crazy.

  17. parent says:

    He is promising a crazy discount $800 or less,
    don’t be fooled, last year he offered the same but when it came time to pay he made us pay in full.
    It was a really disgusting!

    I ended up leaving the camp in the middle of the summer it was so bad.
    Right now he is so desperate he will say and promise anything.

  18. A NEIGHBOR says:

    “Spritzer is so desperate he (yankle) with all his glory is calling parents and trying to convince them to come to his camp. He is even going as far as to suggest they leave the camp they are already registered in.”

    This is not the first year he has a camp and it’s not like his camp has ever been remotely full, so why is it that this year hes going out of his way even as far as giving house visits?

  19. Chayolei staff member says:

    It’s not nice to lie. If you would’ve heard Rabbi Glucowski speech in 770 this past Shabbos, I’m sure you would have not wrutten that lie. Even online, there is an Isuur on saying a lie.
    No one left camp in middle (besides one young kid who left after one day for being home-sick).
    I was there, so don’t you can’t openly lie.

  20. Chayolei Staff Member Says:

    I’ve been a staff member in Chayolei since it’s founding, and I’ve never heard of this יודיק ליפש guy!

    Then tell me, why would a person whos not involved respond in the way he responded. I sent him (and many others) an e-mail with the warning Letter from the original directors, the Psak from Rabbi Raitport, and the Pending Siruf from the Monsey Bais Din. If he had nothing to do with the camp he either would 1. not respond 2. just write a responds in the following manner “I don’t know why you sent me this e-mail, I have nothing to do with this camp etc…

    When I sent him the e-mail, I did not send it to him personally (meaning I didn’t know who he is, he was just another e-mail address from a list of over six hundred), after he responded the way he did, I made it my business to find out who he is (after all why would he respond in the way he did), and that when I was informed that he Yehuda Liptz has been a long time staff member at Chayolei Hamelech.

  21. Chayolei staff member says:

    Maybe you can tell us from who you were “informed”… any Bochur in 770 can tell you who he is. (he works in ATO)
    He came this year for Kvutze (for the past couple of years he was in Ori Shel Moshaich in E.Y.)…
    Besides coming for Tishrei he was never in NY…
    He was deffnitly never in Chayolei Hamelech!

    (if he responded, might be, – after being in Oro shel Moshiach and relizing the importance of a camp which is Machdir into the children a Koch in Moshaich, – will work to get however many as possobile children to come to Chayolei, which has the same important goal…

  22. Chayolei staff member says:

    I know you are going to go ahead and bash what I wrote (about the importance of the camp)…
    So let me say this beforehand:

    You may be %100 right about everything it says here in this website (and I have went thru some (not all – no time for that) of the stuff) –

    but that dosen’t change the fact that the situation now in Anash is horrible, the Koch the Rebbe started about Moshiach is diminishing terribly, and the only way to renew it is by sending children to a camp which does just that – add to the children chassidishkeit and moshiachkeit.

    perhaps the admin is messed up and corrupt (with all the other titles stated here) – but the fact still remains – the children need that environment, and that you can’t find elsewhere (I’ve been a camper for years in Montreal, a staff member in three other camps! and can assure you, the only place which really cares about the campers Ruchniyus is Chayolei Hamelech).

    (and regarding if you can go there according to Halacha – there’s no problem, as I asked a Rav before going to camp, and I suggest that everyone ask their Rov/Mashpia as well, and do as he says)

    Moshaich Now!
    have a great summer – wherever you may be.

    A Chayolei hamelech Satff member

  23. Camper says:

    they dont know the guy, he never worked for them but yet they know that hes in Kevtza, they know that he has been here for Tisrei, they even know what camp he has been in for the last few years.
    It even goes as far as trying to explain his train of thoght.

    Fooled me;)

  24. Ok, this is getting stupid and silly.
    Put on your Gemara Kup.

    Lets make some things clear:
    I got Mr.יוסף יהודה ליפש e-mail from a list of Shiluchim (official and not official a.k.a. Mushrooms), I sent these e-mail with out even looking at names (I copied & paste), he must have been from one of the 600 that I have sent so far. If hes on that list then it must mean that we are not discussing the same יוסף יהודה ליפש who is now (5769)in Kevutza. [Although From how much information were getting about him, I think it’s safe to assume that this ליפש as well, has something to do with the camp]. We are talking about a different Liptz who worked (from when he was in Kevutza, many years ago) in Spritzer camp (then Machne Menachem).

    Ok, that that. It’s a different person!
    Another point:

    It is obvious that Chayolei Hamelech is trying to distance itself from this person. (Read all the comments they write above, one guy goes as far as to try to explain what he might have been thinking when he wrote what he wrote, they seem to know him all to well, for somebody they “don’t know”).

    It is also obvious the reason they are distancing themselves from him, that is, that he wrote a very hateful and disgusting comment.
    Thats all right, it’s self defense, they have to watch their own backs, I guess you can say it’s a natural reaction.

    But wait a minute, just a few comments before (and this hasn’t been disputed) I received a e-mail from a Chayolei Staff Member telling me to K.I.T.

    Also, if your trying to distance yourself from a person who just wrote garbage (which in your own eyes is not good, just look at the wall of defense you put up), how much more so would you (I would safely assume, since your all mentchem), distance yourself from a Ganev, gazlen and a Mossier!
    One day I will make a web site exposing the Genava and Mesira….Wait a minute (dummy) I did make a web site like that (excuse me, sometimes I loss myself).
    Please in the future take a look inward!

    P.S. if you want to discuss the REAL issue (the one this site was formed for), like the stealing of a camp and the mesira etc… Your welcome to discuss.

  25. Chayolei staff member says:

    Your very wrong.
    I DO know yudik lipsh. he is a friend of mine, and he told me that he got your email etc.
    he is on your list, cuz he works in ATO in 770.

    after receiving your email (maybe post it to show how YOU write) his comment is not really that bad… this is my last comment, and my last time checking back to this website. good luck!

  26. Chayolei staff member says:

    I don’t see what is wrong when writing “I asked a Rav” if someone asked FOR ME.
    I’ll tell you as well, I have a friend who was not going to chayolei, and I asked him to ask Rabbi Osdobo if one can go to the camp as a staff member.

    (I’ll tell you the truth, the reason I asked thru a middle-guy was in case he said no, for this happened two weeks before the summer, and I wasn’t in the mood to do nothing for the summer).

    This is what happened: Rabbi Osdobo was sitting upstairs in 770 in his place learning. My friend went over and asked him “what’s with the new camp chayolei hamelech? (not sure of EXACT wording, but that was the toichen), and Rabbi osdobo made with his hand (as if to go away) – this I saw from the cheider sheini, where I was watching. he then asked him “can my friend go there as a staff member? and he nodded yes. he then asked “what’s with the Ikkul?” and again he made with his hand (up down, as “stop speaking nonsense and go away already”).

    I saw this with my own eyes, but didn’t overhear the conversation. [if you want, you can post what I wrote above to “rectify” the grave error I had while writing “I asked a Rav”]

    For me, that’s enough (besides the fact that Rabbi Shvei’s grandson was in camp [he himself came to register him], Rabbi Zirkind’s nephew pesach was a head counselor etc.)

  27. Rumors, Propaganda, and Fact. says:

    Rumors come from one party and spread from a misunderstanding of the whole situation and without any fact backing and no one wanting to stand by their own statement.

    Propaganda is when a party would like the community and its residents to believe that they are the right and just cause, and that they are fighting for your rights and in turn they receive your support.

    Fact is hard on paper – who’s the plaintiff who’s the defendant? Who’s the accuser who’s the accused? Who’s the legal owner and who’s the intruder?

    Many of us truly don’t care and would like to go on with our daily lives, without getting involved with any party or politics. But as we go about our lives we are influenced by rumors and propaganda, and as we engage in conversation on these issues this is what our argument becomes. So why are we influenced by things that are simply opposite fact? Either because it’s just easier to believe then to ask. Or its just comfortable for our little worlds and we would like to side with what we think works for us or fits with what we would like to think as our own principle and values.

    For example when seeking to send our child to camp or seeking a summer job we have no problem with a camp which is engulfed in politics from its establishment with a Psak din on paper (fact) banning this establishment, but on the other hand we would not want to send our child or seek a job in a camp that has not paid his staff (in full), which this are merely rumors spread by two or three staff members who are bitter and out to feed your son and fellow staff hatred towards the camp, and in turn destroy the name and credibility of this camp. So we see that we tend to do what’s comfortable for us in any situation.

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