Not My Problem!

who cares? not my problem!

I recently sent out a bunch of e-mails (with the link to this site) to many Shluchim and Mosdos, one of the responses really hit a nerve. Here it is…

Why in the world are you sending us this ridiculous politics????

My response to him and anyone thinking in the same lines.

When tomorrow some one else starts collecting money for his NEW ————Organization, and knocks on our door to collect money, we (the community) will also say, it’s just “ridiculous politics????” When you come to Shul and complain that a fellow Jew is taking away your livelihood, we will also say get over it; it’s just “ridiculous politics”.

The people involved (in this unfortunate episode) are very much human beings, with human feelings. Not only were they dragged through hell, but their families were as well. They are members of our community, they are our friends, neighbors, fathers, mother, sons and daughters etc… And an injustice was done to them. And an injustice to one is an injustice to all!

To dismiss all this (injustice, that has happened and is happening right now*), as just “ridiculous politics” is not fair and honest to the (very human) people involved. Again, how would you feel if this was done to you, would you appreciate the same response?!
To dismiss this as “ridiculous politics” is just another way of saying, it’s not ‘MY’ problem so “who cares”. But since you think of yourself as a good person you can’t just say it straight out (“who cares” etc…), for that would be just a plain mean thing to do, so what do we do, we just dismiss (any injustice) as “ridiculous politics”. [Sometimes well just find ourselves using the terms “it’s just another ‘machlokes’”; “Just another ‘fight’”; “it take two to tangle” etc… “Both sides are wrong” etc… just so we can sleep better at night, after all their both idiots/babies etc…].G-d forbid we should think that perhaps someone is being victimized.

* This year, 5769, 7 innocent members of our community (who volunteer to serve and protect our community, who are members of Shomrim) had a vicious Mesira (blood lible) done against them, they were arrested (I’m sure all this is not news to you, so I won’t waste your time), and NOW are actually going to have a criminal trial brought against them, (it’s no secret who’s behind this mesira). Are you just going to dismiss that (as well) by saying it’s just “ridiculous politics”?
Your Fellow Jews are in trouble and suffering and that’s all you can say “ridiculous politics”? (G-D willing, Hashem will do his part and all will be well, that I am sure of).

So my fellow Jew, think twice (even four times if you have to) about what you should respond (if you should at all). I am serious (as you can see from this very e-mail) about what I am doing, I feel that there’s a lot of injustice going on and nobody is doing or even saying a word. So I took the initiative and did something. I spend countless hours (of my free time and I’m B”H happily married with children may Hashem bless them all etc…), reading and scanning etc… It’s not fair to myself and to anyone (who an injustice happened to him), to have it dismissed as “ridiculous politics”.

May Hashem Bless you and all of Klal Yisroel
with the strength to do what’s right and just.
May Hashem Bless you with all that you need and want,
with health, wealth and happiness.
May you Takka only have “”ridiculous politics” in the good you may be doing
(and not C”V anything like what you read on the site).
May we merit to true peace and justice with the coming of Moshiach now!
Have a happy, healthy and safe Summer,
Machne Menachem


4 Responses to Not My Problem!

  1. Chaim H. says:

    When the Hershkop, Heber, Goldman and Hartman family were dragged to Federal court on a viscous mesira of RICO, they could have just gotten away with it, by telling the Judge…

    your honor, this is all just “ridiculous politics”, just let it go.

    When I had to go to court for a Chal Hamoad trip one Pasach and the judge (this was towards the beginning of the case)was helling on my father and brother that he (if what was being said about them is true) could put them away and throw away the key, that did not look so “ridiculous” to me.

    All those years waisted in court, whos going to give those back? All the missed opportunities that Fathers lost with their children because of this “ridiculous politics”, whos going to give them back? All the opportunities to spend time with their fathers lost because of this “ridiculous politics”, whos going to give those back?
    All the countless sleepless nights (for the fathers, mothers and children), who going to give those back?

    Answer me please, Who? where were you when this was happening? What did you do to help these people? What are you doing now?

  2. fairness says:

    When all the courts and mesira etc… was and is going on…. silence…nobody’s around….people stick their heads in the ground and pretend nothings going on.

    When one does finally open his mouth (whether it be a victim or somebody who just cares), all of a sudden we have noise, all of a sudden we have people with bleeding hearts… people asking “WHY?!”

    Advice: You did not help yesterday,in the time of need, you had nothing to say when this blood liable was going on. Don’t say anything now!
    If you can’t or wont help, get out of the way!

    Next time come on time!

  3. Guts says:

    people are afraid to say something because they are afraid of the bully’s, they are afraid that they to will be picket on for speaking up.
    it takes a lot a guts and let me say, you have to have a strong stomach to stand up to the bully.

    all these ba’al machlokes are a bunch of thugs and bully’s, they will arras and even go as far as mesira, just to shut you up and get you out of the way.

    they are the same group of people that have been destroying Crown Heights for the last 30 years. These people could not wait till the Rebbe would go, so they can release all their fiery, wrecking havoc everywhere, destroying peoples life etc…

    I implore all those that have finally taken the initiative to stop this craziness.

    Thank you!
    May you run out of things to write sooner then later.

  4. antimesira says:

    Say something or do something they will masier on you and lock you up!

    they have no soul, no g-d!

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