The Case is still (very much) in Bankruptcy Court


Spritzer Motion Denied

What Is… (click  Bellow for link)

Summary Judgment

Anderson v. Liberty Lobby, Inc. (google it, for more information)


17 Responses to The Case is still (very much) in Bankruptcy Court

  1. “Motions for Summary Judgment (or “MSJs”) are used to save parties money in litigation, or to escalate costs on the opposing party.”

  2. noneedtoknow says:

    I researched this court order….
    this case is not about the camp property… it’s about monies being held by the court. Don’t try to fool the oilom..

  3. Please shier with the people were you “researched” this case, so they might know what to do in the future.
    (Did you Google it, then what did you type to find it? Do you have any documentation that I might not have, if you do please, send it over, (machanemenanachem at after all my entire goal is the truth).

    As posted in some of the comments, all the information on this site is public record; anybody can get hold of this information to confirm its authenticity. I’m very aware of that fact.

    It is Spritzer who is fooling people by telling them that this case; any case like the above BANKRUPCY case, about the camp is over and that he won etc… (I did write above “The Case is still (very much) in Bankruptcy Court”).

    Spritzer (no matter what the courts decides, the courts that he went to, against the psak of Bais Din), still has not shown up in front of a Bais Din for a Din Torah. Let Spritzer himself come in front of Rabbonim (any Rav he wants- this offer was made to him- details for a different post), and make these claims that the camp was in bankruptcy and that he brought it etc… That He has psak dinim that the camp is his etc…, all these claims he should make in front of a Bais Din (and not try to fool the oilom with them).
    Bottom line, Spritzer says it’s all over.
    Fact, it’s not.
    I’m Glad you wrote (a comment), it proves to me that I did Indeed expose another lie (and the truth hurts). Thanks for the confirmation.
    Keep on writing.

  4. camper says:

    Here you go again, trying to say the truth,
    Don’t you get it already?
    Please don’t try to “fool” us with facts.
    Its better that the “oilom” remain ignorant,
    For ignorance is bliss, the less the people know
    The better it is. Knowledge is power, let’s not give people any power. The more information is held back from the people the better off they are.

  5. camper says:

    “Summary judgment is a legal term which means that a court has made a determination (a judgment) without a full trial”

    Typical Spritzer, Trying to get away with TRUE JUSTICE. Anything to get away with a TRAIL were…

    …”which is an opportunity for each party to present evidence in an attempt to persuade the factfinder that such party is saying “what really happened,” and that, under the judge’s view of applicable law, such party should prevail. For a case to get to trial, the parties have to take various steps (often known as ‘discovery’), including disclosing the documents to the opponent by discovery, showing the other side the evidence, often in the form of witness statements and other steps”.

    What a coward!
    This is what Spritzer has been doing all these years, avoiding justice. He did this with our Bais Din (in Crown Heights), by going to Federal Court. When he was going to loss in Federal court, he ran to bankruptcy court, and now he tries this.

    noneedtoknow, is this your hero,
    Is this a man of Truth, justice, integrity?
    I see a coward with no respect for anything other then himself.

  6. Y.G. says:

    I heard the other day Spritzer telling someone in 770
    that he won the camp fair and square and he doesn’t know what Meir Hershkop wants from him

  7. CHER says:

    noneedtoknow wrote:
    “this case is not about the camp property… it’s about monies being held by the court. Don’t try to fool the oilom..”

    I’m confused, if the camp [MM] rightfully belongs to Spritzer then why didn’t the court give Spritzer the money [that belongs to the camp]?
    Why isn’t the camp In Lacawaxen, PA called Machne Menachem, if Spritzer won the camp?

    How and why is the oilom being fooled?
    Please give more details when writing to the oilom.

  8. anon says:

    to CHER

    spritzer did not win the corporation which owns the name “Machne Menachem” rather he got the assets of the corp.
    which means that he has the grounds but can NOT use the name as the camp name

    as for the money as far as i know its whether the money goes to him or other creditors (or maybe to the corp??)

  9. Camper says:

    To Y.G.
    What does meir hershkop want from Spritzer?
    Well, from what we are reading on this site, it seems all they want is a Din Torah.
    I think after all the trouble spritzer put them through, he can spear a few hours to go face a little justice. It’s about time that he is put on the spot.
    If he’s a good and honest man, then he has nothing to worry about.

    From what we are seeing, is a man who has done and is doing now, trying to avoid any type of Din V’cheshbon.
    Spritzer already knows the answer to that question; he’s just pretending to be small headed, adding more salt to an already bleeding wound.
    He as so much time for all these court cases, he can’t find a few hours to stand before 3 Jewish judges?

  10. Money says:

    If spritzer was managing the camp so well, then why did he have to go to bankruptcy court?
    The Rabbonim gave him the power to manage the camp, because he claimed that only he, with all his business experience, can manage and run the camp, and Tavka under him the camp goes in to bankruptcy, very suspicious to me!
    Time to get back to the planning table, meaning Bais Din.

  11. corruption in PA says:

    Two senior Pennsylvania judges have been sentenced to seven years in prison for taking bribes.

    The DA is investigating a few more other judges.

    from the files I have read on the Machne Menachem case, I think it’s hight time the DA investigates what exactly happened there. Especially with the

  12. Dovid says:

    I pray that all will go well.
    The court falls out on Lag B’Omer, that a good sign.

    Nevertheless, you must hope for the best and preper for the wourse. I just hope spritzer didn’t manage to get the judge in his pocket as well.

    Your friend,

  13. awacs says:

    Can you organize all the legal documents (bankruptcy, district court, beis din) and and make them one download? Or, at least put them all on one download page?


  14. The big day is already here, Lag B’omer,
    G-d willing all will go well.

    The way I look at it is…
    The original directors could only win tomorrow,
    Because what they “lost” was “lost/stolen” already 12 years ago, so either now they will win back what is theirs to begin with or they are right back where they always were.

    Hopefully, g-d willing, I will have only good news to report!

  15. it's all good! says:

    Tract Gut Vet Zyan Gut!
    all the best

  16. From Reports:
    Baroch Hashem, today was a good day.
    The verdict is not out yet, so I won’t waist mine and your time, well just wait and see.

    P.S. one thing I’ve learned over the years is not to jump the gun (court is very tricky, it can always go either way). When the verdict comes out I will g-d willing post it for everybody to see. I would (because of what I head went on) like to eventually get the transcripts of todays (May,12,2009) precedings, that is if it becomes available.
    Like they say “hope for the best proper for the worse”.

    Reminder: A Din Torah still has to happen!!!

  17. One thing I will reveal:

    The Judge said he would bias his discussion on Judge Glassers final Verdict.

    If you read the verdict you might get an idea of what going to happen (g-d willing).

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