Stopping Spritzer from selling the camp grounds.

we are not for sale

Although Spritzer continuously claims that he has and always had the publics best interest in his handling of the camp, many things prove this to simply not be true.

The following is one of the original directors account of how he chanced upon an attempt by Spritzer to simply sell the grounds so that he can ‘take the money and run’.

Meir Hershkop writes: 

In 1999, I myself found out through a matter of pure luck and Divine Providence, that Mr. Spritzer planned on selling the camp to the Bobov Chassidim for approximately 2 – 2.5 million dollars. I let Judge Glasser know this and gave him the proof I had that he plans on selling the camp, and Judge Glasser placed a restraining order against Mr. Spritzer, forbidding him from selling the camp.

For those trying to convince themselves that Spritzer “cares for the children and only with Spritzer we had a camp etc…”, here is the proof that this has nothing to do with you or your children, Spritzer cares only for himself.


The Judges Order, stopping the Selling



One Response to Stopping Spritzer from selling the camp grounds.

  1. Camper says:

    OK, OK, YE, YE, But still…

    It will never end.
    You can knock every proof the spritzer people come up with, they will nevertheless find another (stupid) Engel.
    Just keep it coming, hit them were it hurts, tell the truth!
    If spritzer has anything to say in his defense, let him do so in front of Bais Din.

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