Letters to the Judge

writing to the judge machne menachem

This is just a small collection of letters and Motions sent to the court and to the Bais Din by the original directors  of Camp Machne Menachem. You will find plenty of information in these pages (They are not in order).

Letter #1 Judge Thomas Bankruptcy Court of PA.

Letter #2 Shooting on camp grounds

Letter #3 A man of Vision.

Letter #4

Letter #5 Rutmans Failed Mesira and More.

Letter #6 Letter to Rabbi Osdaba (Hebrew).

Letter #7 Winterizing the Camp

Letter #8 Yosef Goldman

Letter # 9 Severe Health and safety violations in Spritzer’s operation of camp (Goldman)

Letter #10 Response to Motion presented to court concerning an order to show cause for a renewal of a restraining order (in here you will find out about the accounts that where frozen and about the state the camp grounds were in).

Letter #11 Rutman writes to Judge Glasser (if there was ever a case made to why the camp should go to Spritzer, it is in this letter)

More To Come


4 Responses to Letters to the Judge

  1. knocker says:

    how about the time a bear was found roaming around camp grounds and nobody know what to do.
    We had to wait for more then an hour for the police to arrive.

  2. machnemenachem says:

    in the end spritzer wasn’r even the one who build the Mikva.
    The man had the camp (were the rebbe lives) for seven years, says he invested over a milloin dollars, yet even a mikva he could not manage to build.

    Less then a year from when the origanol directors got the camp back, a mikva was built.

  3. mendel says:

    I am NOT trying to defend eather side but if yankel was found guilty which it appears he was you still do not need to make a bigger chillul lubavitch by cursing people out. what will this gain. someone please explain by emailing me at mendyschoenes@gmail.com. thank you

  4. 1) You start by saying “you don’t want to defend either side”, which would imply that your an innocent neutral person who just wants to ask a innocent “neutral” question. Yet when addressing Spritzer you do so with his first name ‘yankle’, which clearly implies you know him and are even close with him. So being neutral is off the table.

    2) Explain how this is a Chillul Lubavitch. I would really like to hear your explanation on this, especially when the MOSSER and GANEF Spritzer took good innocent Jews to FEDERAL court on a viscous MESIRA, explain how after all that there is still room for Chillul Hashem.

    3) Surly surly before coming here to vent about PUBLISHING about the chillul Hashem spritzer caused, you surly first went to the cause of the chillul hashem (spritzer) and voiced your protest.

    4) I find it divine providence that i logged on to my site today to find your comment waiting, (after a very long time of not doing so) because only a few hours ago another web site brought up the issue that you have… http://onebigcholent.com/2011/05/11/new-definition-what-constitutes-a-chillul-hashem-desecration-of-g-ds-name/

    The old meaning of Chillul Hashem:

    Chillul Hashem (Hebrew: חילול השם‎, “Desecration of God’s Name“) is a term used in Judaism particularly for any act or behavior that casts shame or brings disrepute to belief in God, any aspect of the Torah‘s teachings, Halakha (Jewish law), or the Jewish community.

    The obligation to refrain from Chillul Hashem one of the 613 Mitzvot (commandments). The source for this commandment is to be found in the Book of Leviticus: “And you shall not profane My holy name; but I will be hallowed among the children of Israel: I am the Lord who hallows you” – the Biblical Lev. 22:32 term meaning to bring dishonor or shame to God’s name by an action or lack thereof.

    Any behavior or action that disgraces, harms or shames God and his Torah is regarded as a chillul hashem (“desecration of God’s name”). The opposite term, Kiddush Hashem (sanctification of God’s name) means any action that brings honor, respect, and glory to God.

    The new meaning of Chillul Hashem:

    A Chillul Hashem can only accrue when the negative incident/event is published in the newspaper and reported in other media.You can steal, do Mesira, molest children etc…etc… just as long as it’s not reported.

    Only then (when published for the worlds to see) are we (the Jewish people) to take notice, voice our discussed and protest and even then we are to just protest the fact that the negative act/event was now published for the world to see otherwise it’s not a Chillul Hashem and we can rest easy.

    Bottom line, you can do whatever you want as long as the media doesn’t find out about it.

    5) since your so concerned about chillul lubavitch, you surly would take all and any action to prevent future chillul lubavich, so heres what your going to (proudly) do…
    There are currently a few lawsuits and court cases brought to court by your people currently pending (causing a huge chillul hashem and lubavitch)…

    a) Paul Huebners and Eli Poltoraks against the Shomrim Six
    b) the Mishichist Mossrim against Aguch/Lubavitch in the 770 case
    c) the CHJCC is back in court

    6) another web-site whoisshmira.com is currently planing to expose recordings of a shmira mesira member Yitzchok Shuchat making 311 calls against another resident, using your “logic” or argument, it is not Shuchat who would will be making the chillul hashem its the people publicizing the chillul hashem that are guilty, is this correct?

    Had the good people involved Machne Menachem case (Meir Hershkop, Mendle Hershkop, Shmuel Heber, Yossi Goldman and all their families who suffered with them) came to you years ago, asking you to stop spritzer from going to court and doing mesira, you would have done everything you can to stop him, like you are doing now, is this correct?

    Just recently you took action (protest chillul lubavich etc…) when six innocent Jews stood trial facing 15 years+ in prison because of a viscous modern day blood libel. According to your comment, it only became a chillul hashem when it was published on line and it the media.

    After the above trial (of the shomrim six), there is no more chillul hashem, no more chillul lubavitch, everything after that just pales in comparison.

    P.S. When writing back which i doubt you will, please respond it the order of the numbers above.

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