Parshas Machane Menachem

CoverBe mindful that the following letter has been written in the year 5759-1999, a lot has happened since.




8 Responses to Parshas Machane Menachem

  1. the truth says:

    Notice how the booklet and the verdict go hand and hand.
    And the booklet came out years before the verdict.
    youwant to know if someone is telling the truth, look for consistencies.

    Besides that from the verdict you clearly see that spritzer and his friends can’t get one fact straight.

    so the only question does remain, how did he end up with the camp?

  2. CHER says:

    Very powerful

    good luck!

  3. machanemenachem says:

    If this booklet was to be written today it would be a full book.

  4. mendy says:

    nice site,
    great work, keep it up!

    A few days ago I over heard some bocherim in Zal (I learn in O.T.)
    talking about the camp. One of the bochrim was saying that things were not in working order because the Heshkops broke things before they left the camp.

    I can’t believe that after TWO years of taking the camp back that spritzer is still trying to throw the blame elsewhere. besides that he had the camp from the summer of ’96 till ’02 a total of 7 years and nothing was in order back then either.

  5. Camper says:

    “I can’t believe that after TWO years of taking the camp back that spritzer is still trying to throw the blame elsewhere.”

    Whats the surprise?

    Even when he had the camp for the 7 years he still tried to blame “others” for not having the camp in working order, hes a disgrace.

    The only thing in the camp that was fixed up was Rutmans living courters.

    Yet he has the Chutzpa to demand money he invested in the camp!

    My question now is, how is it that everything was working when the original directors had the camp (from 03 to 06); how is it that they managed to fix all that was broke (and a lot was broken, I mean 7 years of no care, what do you expect), yet, spritzer can never seem to get his act together, always blaming “others” ??? etc…

  6. winner loser says:

    Give it up!
    Spritzer won
    you lost!

  7. You are right, but... says:

    The assumption that anyone that would actually send their kid to that camp (despite molestations, maltreatment, etc.) can actually think for themselves and do what is right is a bit of a stretch.

    Maybe – if you are lucky – there are some sane people who are thinking of sending their kid there because of status quo (classmates are going, they think that there is nowhere else) that will read this and do the right thing (while saving their kid bgv”r).

  8. machanemenachem says:

    winner loser Says:

    Give it up!
    Spritzer won
    you lost!

    What an intelligent comment!
    Never thought about it that way.

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